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Important dates

Saturday May 1, 2021
Tuition fees due in full for Summer Term classes (May-June/6W1 and MayJuly/12W sessions) (Exception: OSAP students)

Monday May 10, 2021
Summer Term classes (May-June/6W and May-July/12W sessions) begin

majorApplying to Major in Psychology and Plan Selection

Students interested in applying for a Major in Psychology (either BAH or BScH) are asked to register between April 26 at 8:30 am and May 7 at 4:30 pm EST via a form on the Arts and Science website. Admission is not first-come-first-serve during this window - admission is based on grades. Once final grades are released on May 12, the Faculty of Arts and Science and Department of Psychology will be admitting students to the Psychology Major based on PSYC100 grades and cumulative GPAs.

Students will be notified regarding their acceptance into the Psychology Major before the plan selection window opens in SOLUS. Students who are not admitted to the Psychology Major will be able to apply to other plans, including the Psychology Art Medials and Biology and Psychology Specialization plan, during the plan selection window.

Plan Selection PSYC 2021
Plan Selection PSYC 2021

The period for selecting your Degree Plan via SOLUS will take place from May 17 to 28. If you have 24.0 units or more of complete courses, you must select a Plan or you will not be able to register for courses for the 2021-22 academic year. Please make sure you review the Plan Thresholds on our Plan selection webpage (under What It Takes to Be Accepted to a Plan).  

Have less than 24.0 units of passed courses? Email or

Majors Night - What is Plan Selection?
Majors Night - What is Plan Selection?

integrityReminder - Academic integrity and consideration

The end of term is a stressful time and we understand the pressure on students during the current climate. We also acknowledge that it can be tempting to take short cuts and resort to desperate measures during tough times. Please remember that resources are available through Student Wellness Services and the Academic Considerations Process to help you when things get too overwhelming.

Top five things you should know going into exams:
  1. If you are too ill (physically or mentally) to write an exam do not write. If you write while ill and perform poorly, this is considered to be a valid attempt and your mark will stand. Rather, you should submit a request for academic consideration. For more information, please see
  2. If you experienced extenuating circumstances this term and need to drop a class late, please reach out to an academic advisor right away. Call our office at 613-533-2470 to book an appointment and we will be happy to review your options with you.
  3. Check and double check your exam schedule! Missing an exam because you misread the date or time can lead to you earning a zero grade on your exam. If you are studying outside of the Eastern Standard Time Zone (EST) make sure you account for the time difference.
  4. Be prepared! Do you have a reliable computer and internet connection to write your exams? Do you have the software you need loaded onto your computer? Have you performed a test-run? Make sure everything is in good working order well before your first exam to avoid running into any stressful situations during your exams.
  5. Be careful! Before you write any exam, put your phone and study notes away well out of reach from your workstation. Even just being in possession of these items can lead to a departure from academic integrity.
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