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Important Dates
Saturday November 7
Last day to apply for accommodation for an official examination conflict for the December examination session

Wednesday November 11
Remembrance Day observance (Classes cancelled 10:30 - 11:30 a.m EST.)

Thursday November 12 
ALL FAS students able to adjust their Winter schedule, and register for Summer 2021

Sunday November 15 from 9:00am - 2:00pm EST
SOLUS will be out of service to permit crucial updates

enrollEnrolment in Winter and Summer Undergraduate Courses 

Further to the email we sent you on Monday, we would like to remind you of the 3 things you need to do before November 9:

1. Check your timetable in SOLUS. If you have a conflict, see If you have no conflicts, but still need to add or swap classes, draft your new timetable now. Remember to check for space, prerequisites, and conflicts in your existing timetable. Be prepared to make these changes on SOLUS during your enrolment appointment time.

Note: you will be able to see your Enrolment Appointment Time today, November 5.

2. Check department websites to find updates and info regarding your class schedule (synchronous times, optional sessions, condensed term, etc.)

3. After viewing the Faculty and department websites, seek instructor/department approvals as needed and you'll be ready to register for Arts and Science courses in the winter and summer terms!

We have also scheduled additional Zoom sessions with advisors and will be available via Live Chat to support you during the registration period, and we have updated the FAQs on our registration page. If you need help, please reach out to us:
integrityClass Group Chats - Do's and Don'ts

Class group chats are a great way to meet classmates and keep up with what's happening in the class. Especially as we learn remotely, they are a good forum to recommend helpful resources and support each other. Occasionally, people may misuse group chats to organize collaboration on course work that goes too far, crossing the line into academic dishonesty. For example, it is not appropriate to plan to collaborate on an assignment or test that is meant to be completed individually. It's your responsibility to know what kind of collaboration is allowed in each of your courses - it can vary between courses. If you're not sure, check the course syllabus or reach out to the professor or TA to clarify. Establish boundaries with your classmates on the rules for your group. Remember that enabling another person to depart from academic integrity, like helping them cheat on an exam, is also a departure on your part.

If you see inappropriate collaboration happening in a group chat, protect yourself by leaving the chat or letting others know that their conversation is inappropriate. Let the professor or TA know. Upholding integrity is everyone's responsibility.

Queen's has several resources to help you make good choices around academic integrity. You'll find A Student's Guide to Academic Integrity in the Student Resources section of your OnQ course homepage.

Delve deeper with the Academic Integrity module from Student Academic Success Services, and put together your own academic integrity checklist.

Visit the Queen's academic integrity website to find resources from across Canada.
Mspaceackintosh-Corry Study Spaces

In addition to the bookable seats in the library, students may now book additional spaces across campus, including seats in Mackintosh-Corry Hall. Book now:
remoteAssessment in Remote Courses

This semester, final exams in some courses will be proctored using the remote proctoring service, Examity. Your course syllabus would tell you whether Examity is being used in that course. Other courses will have timed assessments and/or final exams in OnQ.  You can find out more about remote proctoring at
If you will be writing a final exam with Examity, you are strongly encouraged to write a practice exam beforehand to get used to the Examity platform and increase the likelihood of a successful final exam. Further information regarding how and when to take the practice exam in Examity will be provided at a later date by your instructor or the Faculty Office.
exchangeThe Exchange Webinar Series: November Workshops
The International Programs Office is hosting several webinars this term to help students learn more about Arts and Science exchange. Upcoming sessions include "Meet the Partners" and "Applying for Exchange" which will talk about putting together an Arts and Science exchange application. Each session is short and recorded.
After the final session of each series, the recordings will be posted to the website's webinar landing page with closed captioning, so you can choose to attend the sessions or watch them later in the term: 
International Exchange Fair (November 16-international19)

You are invited to a VIRTUAL International Exchange Fair for Arts and Science and Engineering students! Join them and speak with exchange program student alumni and partner university representatives to get first-hand knowledge about studying abroad. 

There is no better way to begin your research and heighten your excitement about studying abroad than attending the famous International Exchange Fair. Every year the faculties of Arts and Science and Engineering collaborate to host this fair so students can learn about the shared 100+ exchange universities in over 30 countries around the world.

For the first time ever, the International Exchange Fair will be held virtually, which means things are a bit different, but just as exciting. There is a lot to learn at the fair so it is being hosted over 4 days (November 16-19). To learn more and register:
thriveThrive Week 2020

Queen's Thrive is a campus-wide initiative designed to promote positive mental health for all students, faculty, and staff. Thrive exists to encourage dialogue about balance, community engagement, social support, and healthy lifestyle choices. Check out their website:
contagion2Contagion Cultures Lecture Series
This series is a Faculty of Arts and Science collaboration which helps to make sense of this pandemic through the expertise and insights of Arts and Science faculty members.

The series is live-streamed on Zoom every Tuesday at 4:00 PM EDT/EST.

Upcoming events:

November 17 -"A divine infection": Religious communities and the epidemiology of COVID-19: Shobhana Xavier, Department of Religious Studies, Eun-Young Lee, School of Kinesiology and Health Studies

November 24 - Political Litigation Regarding COVID - Gregory Tardi, Institute of Parliamentary and Political Law

For more info on the series and to register please visit: 
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