August 5, 2020
Dear Oakbrook families,

We are nearing the start of the 2020-2021 school year and eagerly planning for our return to face-to-face learning on August 17. To help you prepare, we have a few updates to share.
  • First, the South Carolina Independent School Association is recommending all private schools to follow the Governor's recent mask mandate. As a result, our task force and administration is requiring all students in grades 1-12 to wear masks while in the building as well as when entering and exiting the school. Students in K3-K5 may remove their masks in the classrooms unless otherwise directed by their teacher. (Students will not be required to wear masks during lunch or outside recess.) This is a change to our original plan and we understand this may be an adjustment for our students. However, we believe this will enable Oakbrook to safely re-open five days per week. We will continue to monitor the number of COVID-19 cases in our area and will resume our original plan as soon as possible. Your participation and cooperation is greatly appreciated. If your child has a medical diagnosis that prohibits them from wearing a mask, please contact Nurse Nail directly.
  • Click here for our Frequently Asked Questions about face coverings and masks. We encourage you to talk with your children about their feelings surrounding the virus. Here are several resources that may help with those conversations. Parents may also reach out to our school counselor Ashley Hairr for additional support or information.
  • We have prepared our Back to School Guide 2020-2021 which includes our theme for the year as well as important information on lunch ordering, class schedules, school supplies, and more. All families should review this guide and contact your grade level director with any questions. 
  • You will receive an email invitation next Wednesday to download the MyMedBot app on your smart device. Please be sure to allow for notifications so you can be prompted each day to enter your child's temperature and answer some short questions. Please make sure you have a working thermometer as temperature checks will become part of our daily morning routine.
  • If you plan to use Early Bird of Knight Shift and you have not submitted this survey, please submit your response as soon as possible.
Oakbrook family, I cannot thank you enough for your continued cooperation and prayers! We could not do this without your partnership. As we have throughout our planning process, we will continue to update you each week as we work to do what is best for our school community.

I cannot wait to see your children on campus soon! Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

In Him,

Kyle Boyles 

To help you and your student know what to expect this year, we've put together this fun video! Please watch this with your family!

Welcome Back Oakbrook!