Cook's Youth Ministry exists to develop a new generation of disciples, teaching them to love, worship, and grow in service to others.
Included in this email:
  • Parent Small Group
  • Youth Fundraiser Info - All youth families needed!
  • Youth Leadership Team
  • Teen Parent Resource
  • Other Upcoming Dates
New Parent Small Group!
Join us for a new small group for youth parents, beginning on Sunday evening, Sept. 9, after the 5:30pm worship service. This is an 8 week study called "Sticky Faith" written by Dr. Kara Powell.
Sept. 22 Fundraiser Info
We need all youth and parents to help make our new fundraiser a success! This event will require help with set-up on Friday, Sept. 21, help throughout the event, and help cleaning up after the event ends. More detailed info will be sent out soon. Thanks!
Youth Leadership Team Sept. 23
Join us for our 2nd YLT meeting of the new school year at noon on Sunday, Sept. 23. Lunch will be provided. We ask that everyone who participates complete and return the team covenant no later than this meeting.
10 Things to Never Say to Your Teen
God calls us to cherish and encourage our children, yet parenting teens is a hard job; sometimes we experience stress, anger, and frustration. In the heat of a crazy moment, we might say things without thinking that tear our kids down. We need to remember our words hold tremendous power over them. Click here to read 10 things you should refrain from saying to your teenage child.
Other Upcoming Dates
September 2 | CYM Groups following 5:30 Worship Service
September 4 | First Priority
September 5 | CYM MidWeek
September 9 | CYM Groups & Parent Small Group Begins
September 11 | First Priority
September 12 | CYM MidWeek
September 16 | CYM Groups & Parent Small Group
September 18 | First Priority
September 19 | CYM MidWeek
September 21 | Fundraiser Set-Up
September 22 | Youth Fundraiser Event
September 23 | CYM Groups & Parent Small Group
September 25 | First Priority
September 26 | CYM MidWeek
September 30 | CYM Groups & Parent Small Group