Member Update

Commercial/Industrial Edition

Fall 2022

Supply chain challenges: please prepare for delays

Like many other utilities, VEC is experiencing challenges procuring electric distribution equipment. There may be significant delays in completing some member-requested electric services, notably new or enhanced service. In many cases, our vendors are expanding lead times and pushing delivery dates out for several months and in some cases, a year or more.  

Our purchasing team is working hard, but there are many constraints beyond our control. Storm events, like the recent hurricanes, will exacerbate this problem and we expect this situation to persist for some time. If you anticipate needing new or expanded service, please get into our application queue as soon as possible. Fill out the appropriate application on this page or email us if you have questions or need information. We appreciate your patience as we try to minimize the impact of this situation.

For 2023 rates, here's what we know so far

In another bit of unwelcome news, VEC is experiencing dramatic increases in power supply costs. The worldwide shortage of natural gas due to the Ukraine/Russia war is the primary driver, and while VEC has long-term contracts for most of our power supply, we do have some "open" positions. Like many other businesses we're also facing rising costs for essential equipment, fuel, borrowing, and more.  

So how are we responding? We're tightening our belts for the remainder of 2022 and anticipate requesting a rate increase for 2023 of between 10-15 percent. We know an increase of this size will be hard for many members, and we are working diligently to reduce the impact. We expect to file our rate proposal with the Public Utility Commission in mid-November to be effective Jan.1 2023.. We will do our best to keep you informed as we finalize details. 

We are sorry to have to pass along these difficult updates. VEC remains committed to our member-owners and we take pride in providing timely and cost-effective service. We will do our very best to support our members during this challenging times. 

EVT now offering free on-site energy consultations  

Efficiency Vermont is offering free on-site energy visits to all Vermont businesses. These consultations give businesses access to rebate offers, financing solutions, and technical advice. The result: lower energy costs and a more resilient business. Learn more and sign up for a free "walkthrough" of your business. 

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