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Important Updates
In addition to Nancy or Katie's email address, you will also start receiving invoices, statements, and credit card receipts generated from   billing@bouldercpas.com.  Please add this to your contacts list so you don't miss a single one of those bills you look forward to!  
Security Alert: Besides our first names, efile and  billing for prefixes to @ bouldercpas.com, we do NOT have any other email addresses associated with our firm. So if you receive something with info, fax, or some other prefix - it's spam! Don't hesitate to call us if you're not sure...
As of yesterday, all the 2015 Tax Organizers have been sent out.  Now is the time to start sending us your information!  For security reasons, we prefer that you either drop it off or use our secure portal. (Please note that your password for the portal will expire after 364 days, so you may be prompted to change it when you log in.)  You can attach documents to your Organizer before you "Send to Preparer" (you can only send it once!) or you can upload documents through File Exchange.  If you use File Exchange, please title the document specifically, especially if you have multiple entities. For example, "12.31.15 Bank Stmt for ABC Company," or "1098 for John Doe." (You may see 2014 tax docs in your folder, but we can see the dates you add the new ones, so there will be no confusion). More portal info is on our website.
Security Alert: Please do NOT send us pictures of tax documents taken with your phone. They are often not legible or scannable, and it is not a safe method of delivery.  Thank you in advance!
You can find more information, tips, guides, forms and articles under the Tools tab.
And we can't wait for you to meet our newest staff members - stay tuned!
Nancy Carter
Boulder CPA Group