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No member is alone.
Ontario Government needs to know what supplies you have, what ideas you have, what manufacturing abilities you have.

CKCA has been approached by members who are producing face shields. Please direct your inquiries to through designated Government channels. It must be a coordinated effort here.
TODAY April 2 - We are in a very, very serious situation right now. We can't rely on anyone else for PPE's, we need to make them here in Canada.
Friday, April 3 Premier Doug Ford will release projection numbers that will paint a picture of where the province of Ontario is headed. In anticipation, he announced today significant funding towards mental health support. But he also said "we have ingenuity, technology and natural resources here in Canada. We can't rely on anyone else, PPE's need to be made here in Canada."

Time will tell how this response to this crisis will change the manufacturing landscape in Ontario and across Canada.

Manitoba issues bulletin update here.

March 27 orders issued by Government of Manitoba here .

This website allows businesses to ask questions if they are unclear about whether they must close or not. Manufacturers asking if they can still operate.
Manitoba premier says "Prepare for the worst and hope for the best."
Premier Brian Pallister, like many other provinces are changing legislation rapidly to respond. Workers must practice social distancing.As Dr. Brent Roussin, Manitoba Public Health Officer admits "Public health orders have put a strain on small business, but we would not be implementing these strategies if it wasn't an extraordinary time." He also stated that "Manitoba wants to interrupt the spread of the virus. No one needs an order to help Manitobans. It's difficult, we are dealing with many types of businesses. Go for credible information, ask questions, whether you are listed or not as an essential business, do you part." Manitoba has a Q&A site called

US gets affirmative vote on unfair trade of Chinese imports of cabinets
Chinese Tarriffs applied to kitchen cabinets in the US - what does it mean for the US and Canada?

Over the past few months CKCA has looked into this for the Canadian market.

Please see our response here .
FAQ's and Government Support

"Hope our members are taking advantage of these CFIB opportunities as they're a great resource that CKCA is now providing to our membership."

James Dewinetz, President & Controller,
Pacfic Rim Cabinets, BC
Get the most current info on wage subsidies and other support programs
CFIB has another webinar taking place Friday, April 3, 2020.
You can register here .

CFIB have been working hard on behalf of small business and Prime Minister Trudeau has been taking their recommendations seriously. They are a great resource for small business!

can you build
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Do you have the ability to manufacture frontline gear?
NGen is an initiative created by the Federal Government in 2018 to bring together Canadian business to collaborate with other innovation partners. Now the Feds are leveraging the Advanced Manufacturing Supercluster and directing funding to mobilize companies that can rapidly respond to COVID-19 pandemic by building a Canadian supply of essential equipment, products and therapeutics.
Overview of program here.
Financial guide document here .
EuroCucina has been moved to April 13-18, 2021
Read Press Release here.
66% of companies are still open for business

Funding, tools, templates, business advice
Check our COVID-19 website page here .
RBC Housing Forecasts
RBC Housing states: " Social distancing and the economic shock will cut home sale activity to a trickle near term. The timing and speed of the eventual rebound is uncertain."

Can you help manufacture esssential products for the front lines?
NRC IRAP has been tasked by the Government of Canada to work with Canadian industry to address a range of medium‑term Public Health Agency of Canada and Health Canada needs, including:
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Sanitization
  • Diagnostic and testing
  • Therapeutics
  • Disease tracking technology

More information here .

To register your company - Click here (takes 3-5 business days for a response given high level of of registrants).
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