The Grapevine

February 2019
VCC Non-profit Status & Reorganization
Dear VCC Members,

This has been a year for VCC to ensure we are compliant with all U.S. federal, local and military rules governing the formation and operation of a non-profit private organization on a military installation.  We have appreciated your support in reframing the Constitution and By-law, passing an annual budget and enjoying fellowship with you at many of our fun events.

However, in mid-January it came to the attention of the Executive Board that there are a few remaining challenges that must be addressed before May 31 to ensure that VCC is properly structured and in full compliance with applicable U.S. laws for nonprofit organizations that earn income for charitable purposes.  VCC is endeavoring to become a formal nonprofit corporation and obtain tax-exempt status under section 501(c) of the Internal Revenue Code. In order to accomplish this, the Executive Board and advisors have decided that our Board and membership should focus solely on these efforts.

The hard decision was made to temporarily close the Thrift Store to sales and cancel continued programming for the remainder of the year. Significant programming affected includes the annual CIAO Conference, Spring Gala, and monthly luncheons.

We are pleased to be able to continue awarding Community Enrichment grants.  These funds are paid directly to other community organizations that benefit your FRGs, units, local schools, sports teams, ACS activities, the American Red Cross and many others.  Our Bright Eyes program also will continue, allowing eligible applicants to receive up to $150 per year, per child for prescription glasses. We will also award 2019 scholarships to our members and their families for continuing education and for graduating seniors starting their college career.  Lastly, your VCC membership discounts are still valid for the remainder of the membership year (May 31).

As we work to restructure VCC, we will not be accepting new members.  This is retroactively effective from January 17-May 31, 2019. If a community member applied in this period, their application has been rejected. Cash payments submitted with a new membership application after January 17, 2019 will be refunded and check payments will not be processed.

Rest assured, all of this is to set the club up for continued success in years to come. VCC leadership and advisors will continue to work closely with Garrison and our privately-retained legal counsel to make this process as easy as possible. Our top priority is to implement the best plan and steps forward to continue supporting the Vicenza Military Community.  

You have several opportunities to be a part of the reorganization process:

  • Attending a general membership meeting to vote on incorporation.

  • Voting to add required IRS non-profit language to our Constitution and By-laws.

  • Having patience during the Thrift Store reorganization as we work diligently to open the store again before peak PCS season rolls around.

  • Helping spread positive information about the need for this reorganization and how it benefits the community.

  • Volunteering to help with the Thrift Store Grand Re-opening.

  • Stepping up to serve on next year’s Board.  The reward for a lot of hard work this year is that the incoming Board will enjoy extra time to plan and prepare for the best-ever VCC in 2019-2020.

We know that many of you may still have questions, and the Executive Board will do our best to answer those as we move forward. Further announcements and updates to our membership will come via email, posts on our Facebook page and/or on our website when it launches in March.

We appreciate your patience and support as we do what is right for the club, our members and the community at large.

With care,

Arlene Baptiste
VCC President 2018-2019

Vicenza Community Club  |  Unit 31401, Box 61, APO, AE 09630