Voluntary benefits enrollment is coming! 
´╗┐Speak with a benefits educator. 
Ask questions, get answers, enroll in your benefits.
Voluntary Benefits Enrollment is August 19-30, 2019
Enroll in your benefits via phone with a benefits educator
5:30am-2:00pm PST
Call 1-800-673-6472 
Enrollment for voluntary benefits is right around the corner and we are partnering with Ward Services to provide each employee with a 1-on-1 telephone meeting with a benefits educator. The benefits educators are experts on your voluntary benefit choices and will help you navigate your options for coverage.
During your meeting with a benefits educator:
  • Learn about affordable voluntary benefits to enhance your coverage
  • Ask questions and get answers
  • Enroll in new benefits & make changes to existing benefits
Universal Life with Long Term Care
During open enrollment you can enroll in affordable life insurance with long term care protection.
Accident Insurance
Accident Insurance is an affordable option to help protect you and your family from life's inevitable uh-ohs!
Critical Illness Insurance
Critical Illness coverage provides immediate financial relief from overwhelming expenses of a serious illness. It pays a lump-sum cash benefit when you are diagnosed with a covered illness.
Short Term Disability Insurance
Short term disability coverage provides immediate financial relief when you can't earn an income because of a covered disability. Use your benefit payments for rent/mortgage, car payments, medical expenses, groceries, child care or however you see fit.

Call 1-800-673-6472 
to speak with a benefits educator
August 19-30, 2019
5:30am-2pm PST