Our 150th Year is Underway!
May Virtual Stated Meeting & Education Session
To Be Held on Tuesday, May 19th!
Once again we will be meeting virtually for the May Stated Meeting & Educational Session. You'll need to log into your "Portal" on the Grand Lodge of Ohio's Grandview System to retrieve the link and password for the meeting as this will be a secure session.

On April 5th, 2020 the Grand Lodge of Ohio issued an official dispensation allowing lodges to conduct Virtual Stated Meetings until such time as we are allowed to meet in person again. (You can read more about this dispensation by Clicking Here )

Any member of J. B. Covert, in Good Standing, including our newest Entered Apprentices need to log into the Grand Lodge's membership database to retrieve the login information for future stated meetings if we are not allowed to meet in person. So click here to sign in to Grandview Systems and get registered so that you can take part in the next meeting, which we're honestly hoping we don't have to do this way.

If you haven't logged into Grandview before you'll need to set up your profile. We suggest doing that as soon as possible! Once you log in to Grandview you can update personal contact information and your spouse contact information as well.

If you are having issues logging into Grandview please contact WB Dave Olmstead, Secretary at 513-617-0906 or via email by clicking here .
Solutions to be voted on at May Stated Meeting.
Solutions for the issue that we presented in April with the water damage are being researched and will be voted on at the May Stated Meeting.

The south side wall of our dining room has had periods of dampness and after several mitigation attempts on the ground level outside we have not resolved the issue. The Trustees were authorized on April 21st to do some "exploratory surgery" to see what was going on. As you can see from the picture here we have a water issue. The ongoing issue of water seeping in at the furnace room where the power enters the building will also be discussed.

We are still exploring options and would appreciate anybody who is receiving this email with expertise in foundation work to please contact the secretary at 513-617-0906 or via email at secretary@jbcovertlodge.com
Virtual Lunch Bunch
Join us every Tuesday at 11:30 am for a short 30 minute check in.

We've switched back to ZOOM based on everyone's feedback!

Meeting Information

Meeting ID: 880 1619 1631
Meeting Password: 555799

Who has questions
about our garden?
Brother Don Franklin, pictured at right with the official sunflower measurement, is already growing tomatoes and peppers for our garden along with some new surprises. Don and his daughters have been instrumental in serving our community through our garden. Their patience and tender care has created a bounty of vegetables that have helped many.

You can help in the garden and take advantage of this great resource just by contacting Bro. Franklin. Even if you've never grown a garden before Bro. Franklin can show you how you can help. Email him at jbcovertgarden@gmail.com.

Pictured at the bottom right are the seedlings for this year's crop being lovingly cared for at Bro. Franklin's home. You don't have to have this level of equipment or experience to help! Contact Don at the email above to see how you could help!
You can also join the J. B. Covert Garden Facebook Group to be in the loop with weekly needs and progress updates!
Flag Retirement & Awards Luncheon Cancelled
Due to the issues facing the state right now we're not expecting that we're going to be able to hold our Annual Flag Retirement & Awards Luncheon as originally scheduled.

Instead we're hoping that we're going to be able to award our service pins to our deserving members at our September 26th Reconsecration.

If you were due for a 25, 35, 40, 50, 60, or 70 year pin we encourage you to make sure the September 26th date is on your calendar! The ceremony will start at 11 am and will conclude with a luncheon,
Do you need help shopping or with other errands right now?
If you're already fighting medical issues that put you at risk right now please reach out to us and we can make arrangements to assist you.

If you need groceries or a pharmacy run or other errands we'll try to help or help arrange for services that might be available for you!

Call the Lodge Secretary- Dave Olmstead at 513-617-0906 or click here to send an email-
Seeking Light in Times of Darkness
Since the lodge isn't meeting this month does this mean you don't have an opportunity for any Masonic Education?


There are a lot of great resources online to learn about Masonry and even running a lodge or other organization.

Check out Masons Lead Better and watch a couple of the videos about leadership or time management.

Complete the Grand Lodge of Ohio Basic Masonic Education or the Code course which are found under the Resources button on your portal once you register at the Grand Lodge of Ohio's membership site.

Or sign up for the Royal Scofield Society and start a more in depth Masonic educational trek!
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