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Get Your Blankets Out Tuesday & Wednesday!
Everyone has been taking advantage of the beautiful early spring but April and early May still pose a great risk for frost. Make sure you keep your eyes on the forecast if you have been planting early!

Temps are getting too close for comfort this Tuesday & Wednesday For Many Newly Planted Plants.
Whether you have recently planted some veggies, hardy perennials or even trees and shrubs, stay on the safe side and cover them up!

Although most of the plants that we are selling right now are winter hardy, they have been grown in slightly warmer climates so they may not be fully prepared to withstand our cooler climate if they haven't been "hardened off" yet. If you haven't heard of that phrase yet, it basically means that if they haven't climatized yet they may still be affected by the drastic temperature drop and frost.
Frost Prevention Methods
#1 Make Small Igloos
For smaller individual plants you can use glass jars, plastic containers, flower pots, recycling bins, etc. They act as a heat trap and they prevent frost from landing on the tender leaves.
#2 Tuck Them Into Bed!
You saved all those bed sheets for a reason!
Take them out and drape them over your plants. Make sure the wind doesn't blow them off during the night, leaving your plants exposed. Use elastics, stones, clothespins, etc It doesn't have to look pretty to do the trick! Landscape fabric works too!
#3 Bring In What You Can!
If you haven't planted them yet, pull them into a covered area, or even better, indoors.
We Are Very Grateful That Garden Centres Are Allowed To Be Open Still!
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