March 2, 2021
These updates concern Pay What You Can (PWYC) & Discounts
Pay What You Can (PWYC) now available in
Wintix and Webtix

The Pay What You Can (PWYC) function gives you another tool to help manage your operations during the pandemic. Whether selling tickets to streaming, fundraising, or in-person events, allowing your patrons to support you any way they are able helps maintain your community bond and raise spirits that badly need a lift.

This update includes full functionality of PWYC both in-house in Wintix and online in Webtix.

Discount amount now syncing with Discount Code

Offering your patrons a discount is another way to keep the bond between you and entice them to participate or buy merchandise during this difficult time. The discount amount shown in reports is now reflecting what was input for that Discount Code.

Do you know how many kinds of discounts Wintix includes? There are discounts per item, by percentage, or per order. You can offer discounts on just certain performances or events, and offer them for a limited time.

Please download the 3-2-21
Wintix update

Please update your Wintix to build date of 3/2/2021 as seen here.

Once you have downloaded an update, please contact if you encounter any problems. We will need any error messages that may occur.

Wintix will automatically update when you close and reopen the program.

If you need to manually update it, click here for instructions.
IMPORTANT - these updates are only for Wintix/Webtix 6

If you are still on Wintix/Webtix 5, please note we are no longer supporting this version. Please contact Diane Rowe for upgrade information: or 831-583-0641.
main office: 831-583-0641
support: 831-920-1254