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The fiscal year-end is rapidly approaching and Supply Chain Management (SCM) would like to remind you of important upcoming dates when buying goods and services during this time.

Please pass this message to anyone who may:
  • Need to have a purchase order issued before fiscal year-end
  • Need to have a lien removed or chartfield change before fiscal year-end
  • Need to submit invoices or expense reports for payment before fiscal year-end
Prohibition on State-Funded Travel to South Carolina
Effective April 15, 2019, the state of California began prohibiting state-funded and state-sponsored travel to South CarolinaBill AB 1887 does not affect travel that is paid for or reimbursed using non-state funds.

For further information regarding Bill AB 1887 and how it may impact UCSF travel,  click here.
Thermo Fisher Acquires Advanced Bioprocessing Product Line from BD Biosciences
In October 2018, Thermo Fisher Scientific acquired the Advanced Bioprocessing (AB) product line from Becton, Dickinson and Company (BD). If you have been purchasing bioprocessing products from BD, you will now need to order them through the Life Technologies (Thermo Fisher) punch-out within BearBuy. Advanced Bioprocessing products will no longer be available from BD.
Effective April 16, the Advanced Bioprocessing product line became available through the Life Technologies (Thermo Fisher) punch-out catalog. The ecatalog will be updated during the next scheduled catalog update later this year.
If you have questions, please contact .
I n-Person BearBuy Support Office Hours
Come to the next BearBuy Office Hours to get your BearBuy questions answered in person. No appointment is needed.  The event is first come, first served.
    The next three BearBuy Office Hours will be held on:
  • May 21 from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. at Parnassus, Medical Sciences Building, Room S170
  • June 12 from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. at Parnassus, Medical Sciences Building, Room S170
  • June 13 from 9 a.m. to noon at Mission Bay, Genentech Hall, Room S202 (South 202)

Supply Chain Management representatives will be available at these locations to answer BearBuy questions such as:

  • Navigating BearBuy
  • Shopping using catalogs and forms
  • Submitting or approving orders
  • Managing purchase order changes
  • Searching for BearBuy documents
  • Ways to optimize and streamline your BearBuy purchases
  • Managing your BearBuy settings and email alerts
We are here to help, so please come visit us with your BearBuy questions. 
We can answer many BearBuy questions, but if you have payment-related questions, please contact the SCM Accounts Payable Helpdesk directly at

Q: Our purchase order (PO) has a remaining open balance, why does every invoice go into match exception for approval?

A: An invoice match exception may be due to a difference in quantity, unit price and/or it exceeds the PO total amount. It is important to create the PO using the correct form so that all invoices applied to it will be automatically processed and paid. For example, if a purchase order was created using the Non-Catalog form and the entire quantity ordered has already been invoiced for, then any further invoices will go into match exception.

Q: We submitted a change order request to increase the amount of a PO but it has not been processed yet and the supplier needs to be paid. How long should we wait? 

A: For a non-restricted purchase or a PO not to exceed $10,000 in total amount, please allow five to seven business days for your change order request to be processed. It may take longer during fiscal year end or when there is a high volume. The PO should be created and maintained such that no invoices will go into match exception. Even if a change order request to revise a PO is completed, the match exception on any invoice will not be automatically resolved. The department Match Exception Handler still needs to review and approve if appropriate for any invoice that is already in process. It is unnecessary to wait for the change order request to be processed.

Q: I received an email from a supplier to send a copy of the Certificate of Tax Exemption. Is UCSF tax exempt? 

A: Contrary to popular belief, UCSF is not exempt from sales tax in most cases. The purchase of tangible goods is generally taxable except as otherwise provided by law; the purchase of a service is generally not taxable except for certain taxable services according to California State Board of Equalization (BOE) regulations.

Additionally, purchases from vendors located outside of California is still subject to use tax. Sales/use tax rate is determined by the point of delivery.

More information regarding sales/use tax can be found here:  Tax Information

FOR BEARBUY technical support, how-to help or questions regarding basic purchasing, contact the IT Service Desk.
Phone: (415) 514-4100, option 2 (M-F, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.)

FOR ACCOUNTS PAYABLE support, contact the Accounts Payable Helpdesk.
Phone: (415) 502-3331

Phone: (415) 502-6245

FOR GENERAL Supply Chain Management questions, please email or visit our website at

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