When he was arrested and sentenced to life in prison for a crime he didn't commit, William felt like he had lost everything. After waiting for 15 years, 2 days, and 45 minutes, William was finally released from his wrongful incarceration on July 11, 2019, when his sentence was overturned. Instead of being bitter, he credits his incarceration for helping him to reconnect with his faith.
Charitable solicitation is more complex than just asking for donations. In fact, there are a number of essential regulatory procedures that nonprofits must stay up to date with to stay off the charitable solicitation “naughty list.” To ensure that your nonprofit organization is good this holiday season, keep the following information in mind as you plan and develop the organization’s fundraising activities.
Our firm is comprised of many diverse lawyers of different cultures, heritages, and languages. We've decided to share the representation of our many unique voices through popular Christmas songs sung in different languages. Enjoy!
Podcasts Your Need to Hear this Christmas
Mauck & Baker produced a record amount of 113 Lawyers for Jesus shows this year! We’ve appreciated the support of our listeners every step of the way, and had a lot of amazing guests. Although every interview was special, we’ve chosen the “12 days of Lawyers for Jesus” that will be especially inspiring to you this Christmas season.
It’s that time of year again and high on the list among the things that a church should be considering at year’s end is the housing allowance for its ministers for the next calendar year, 2020. The housing allowance is a very important tax benefit for ministers but, without proper attention, can be lost or diminished for a specific year.
The foreclosure suit against Keystone Montessori School is in the process of being dismissed due to the generosity of an anonymous supporter of the school. “We are very grateful to this benefactor and hopeful these positive developments for our school and community will help in resolving the litigation that River Forest is still pressing against Keystone,” Vicki Shea, director of Keystone, said.
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