Dear Guacamole Friends,

Before we get back on the road with Jackson Browne, we want to encourage you, urge you, beg you, to reach out to your elected officials at this absolutely critical time for gun safety legislation. We must leverage this moment for change, and your voice is important and makes a difference.

Contact your Senators and Representative Now. Here’s how:

To find your Senators (most important right now!) go to: Enter your state and everything you need is right there – their phone number, and an email form. Call or write, either one, they both make a difference.

To find your Representative, go to:
your-representative. Same drill.

If you are happy with your official’s position, thank them, tell them the issue is important to
you, tell them to stay the course and urge them to push as hard as they can for action. If
your representatives are wishy-washy, or against meaningful change, tell them to get on
the right side of history, and tell them your vote depends on their action.

( And as we mentioned last week, good, current information on the issue is available from
Every Town for Gun Safety at, Sandy Hook Promise at, and March for Our Lives at

There is momentum here, and whatever you may think about “politics” these days, it is
undeniably one huge tool for change. Please, please, use that tool - add your voice!

Ok, and now we are back on the virtual road with the Jackson Browne tour, highlighting great non-profit organizations near the tour stops! This week, we’re visiting Michigan, Ohio, Minnesota and Wisconsin!

First, in Michigan, Don’t Waste Michigan shares the following with us:
"Great News! On May 20th the Palisades nuclear power plant on the shores of Lake Michigan has shut down for good, forever. Palisades was forced to shut because of equipment failure. But, high level nuclear waste still remains on the shore as a constant threat to the Great Lakes, and Holtec International, in a license transfer, will take possession of Palisades and is threatening to barge high level nuclear waste on Lake Michigan. And, Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer is trying to resurrect Palisades with
federal bailout money. Michiganders, you can write the Governor here:

Michigan must remain forever vigilant regarding the storage of high level nuclear waste on the shore of Lake Michigan." More at:

Moving on to Ohio, Ohio Citizen Action is the premier grassroots organizing and mobilizing team in Ohio. They are currently focused on environmental and consumer issues having to do with energy, specifically: holding Governor DeWine's administration accountable for fostering a culture of corruption around the state's scandalous coal and nuclear bailout bill- HB6; repealing a consumer bailout of two 1950s-era coal plants; promoting Community Choice Aggregation to save Ohioans money on electric bills and create markets for renewable energy; building grassroots support for eliminating energy waste and reducing greenhouse gas emissions at the local level; and promoting comprehensive, equitable, progressive energy policy at the state level. More information at:

In Minnesota, we join Honor the Earth. Honor the Earth is interested in the transition
from our current destructive economy and way of life, back towards land-based economics.

Native people are in a pivotal position in this time and region. Honor the Earth will work in the next two years, with first nations, Indigenous communities, and tribal governments to oppose extraction, support a tribal regulatory push for environmental protection, strengthen renewable energy and food systems work in our region, and create a curriculum and learning tool for tribal youth in Indigenous Economics. More information at

Finally, in Wisconsin, we visit Hunger Task Force, Milwaukee’s Free Local food bank and Wisconsin’s leading anti-hunger organization. Their mission is to feed people in need today and end future hunger through four core values of dignity, compassion, justice and stewardship. Hunger Task Force serves over 50,000 people each month and continues to be the lead voice to end hunger in Wisconsin. More information at

We are so heartened to get updates from these great groups, working hard in the Midwest
on vitally important issues. We thank them for their dedication, and hope you are inspired
by reading about them, especially if you live in their areas! And again, please take immediate action on gun safety legislation. Your voice matters!

In Love and Peace,
The Guacamole Fund
PO Box 9921
Truckee, CA 96162

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