Retirement Announcement

After serving The United Methodist Church in several capacities within the Central District (Indianapolis districts) in the past 41 years, I am excited to announce my plan to retire on December 31, 2018 as Executive Director of Metro Ministries.

The past nine years as Executive Director have been a wonderful experience. When I was selected as the interim director on July 1, 2009, and subsequently hired as the permanent director December 2009, I believed there were many ways I could connect and learn from our United Methodist Congregations, clergy, laity, and the many partners who have supported and served with Metro Ministries. I have had a lot of fun developing partnerships, sharing the stories, participating on ministry boards, and volunteering with our grant recipients. In the past nine years, we have tripled the number of churches and community partners that have connected with Metro Ministries' grants.

In addition, I can’t express my gratitude enough to the Metro Ministries Board of Directors who believed, supported, and mentored me along the way. Together we have narrowed our focus to refine our Mission of Connecting Resources to Ministries and Ministries to Resources within the 109 United Methodist Churches and community ministries in Central Indiana. It has been my joy to share the stories of outreach to our community ministries and congregations while strengthening relationships. In the past nine years, we have established a Metro grant process that includes bringing leaders together, grant writing preparation, developing the criteria for risk taking mission, engaging with the poor, and developing leadership following evaluation and sharing impacts of these efforts.
It has been a pleasure to build strategic plans, learn from Board Development opportunities like the MEO Tech Series with Jamie Levy and move the Metro Ministries Board of Directors forward with leadership teams to connect resources to ministries within Central District.

The Executive Team of the Metro Ministries Board of Directors has created an updated Executive Director position description and a process for selecting the next person to lead Metro Ministries into the future. During this time I will continue to work hard, connect resources to ministries and ministries to resources, visit churches, speak where I am invited, and work diligently with the Metro Board to provide a smooth transition.


Lisa G. Morris
After Retiring
In my retirement, my husband and I are looking forward to traveling to Taiwan and staying a little longer to visit our two grandsons, son and daughter-in-law. It is going to be great fun to have more time to read fictional books, golf, get involved in our local church, Grace United Methodist Church, Franklin, and volunteer in our community.