Keep Our Children SAFE!
Approved Volunteers

When one creates an Virtus ® account, attends a Child Protection class, and completes their online background check, they are approved by the Archdiocese to volunteer in any diocesan location in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati. If you would like to volunteer in another parish, diocesan school, or diocesan service organization, all you have to do is log into your Virtus ® account and add that location as an "additional volunteer location." HOWEVER, each diocesan location is responsible for maintaining a safe environment for children and they are authorized to set additional requirements for their volunteers. St. Charles is among those locations who maintain higher standards for volunteering than the Archdiocesan minimum requirements. If you would like to volunteer at another diocesan location, please check with their Safe Site Coordinator to see if you meet their volunteer requirements. Thank you for volunteering and thank you for all that you do in support of our child protection program!

Follow the links below for the latest approved volunteer list. These are the only adult volunteers who are allowed to work with children while on our parish property or while performing parish ministry functions away from the property. To become an approved adult volunteer, please visit Virtus Online to create a Virtus ® account and sign up for a Child Protection training class.

Violations of child protection policies can affect us all
Policy: Children are to be escorted by their parents or 2 approved adults at all times while on our parish property.

Safety is the primary concern with children on our property. Kids don't always make the best decisions and sometimes those decisions could result in injury. We don't want our children to be injured or harmed in any way. Close supervision by a responsible adult is always a good idea, and it is our parish policy that children be escorted by their parents, grandparents, guardian, or 2 approved adult volunteers at all times while they are on our parish property.
Free Educational Resources From Virtus ®
Did you know that Virtus ® has a library of downloadable resources with helpful hints on keeping your children safe. The attachment is one of those resources titled "Parent Handbook" This resource contains parenting advice that is age-appropriate for children of all ages. The handbook advises parents to have open dialog with children about their body and to take advantage of "teachable moments." Additional downloadable resources are available through the Library tab in your Virtus ® account.

Stay Up-to-Date on VIRTUS ® Training
The VIRTUS ® program is designed to educate our volunteers and parishioners on important child safety concerns. Knowledge is power but only when you put it to good use.
If something doesn't seem right—let us know!
Report child protection and facility policy concerns to Steve Morris in the Parish Business Office. Under the laws of the State of Ohio, all physical and sexual abuse involving children will be reported to civil authorities. It is the policy of St. Charles Borromeo Parish and the Archdiocese of Cincinnati to fully cooperate in an investigation. An anonymous report may also be filed by calling EthicsPoint ® at 888-389-0381. EthicsPoint ® will contact the Archdiocese of Cincinnati for a confidential follow up.
Thank you for your efforts toward protecting our children.

Stephen B. Morris
Business Manager
937-401-0521 (direct)
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