It's time to register for Fall Session B!
Dear Circle Yoga Students. 

We are very excited that Circle Yoga is transitioning to a new software provider for class registration and all other studio business! Our migration from YogaReg to CowTinker will automate and ease much of our work behind the scenes, and we expect it to improve your user experience in a number of ways. 

The schedule for Fall Session B (Oct 26-Dec 20) is posted and we are ready for you to register today! We encourage you to set up your CowTinker account and register for classes now to help make the transition as smooth as possible. We’ve provided notes below, and we recommend that you watch this 10-minute tutorial with Bill from CowTinker:

**Access your new CowTinker account** 
All student accounts have been migrated from YogaReg to CowTinker. You should be able to use your email address to find your migrated account in the new system. Please visit the password reset page and enter your email address: 

After pressing the “Send” button, the system will attempt to send you an email. If your email address is found, you will receive a link by email to reset your password. 

If your email address is not found, you can try a different email address if you might have used another one to access YogaReg. If not, please register a new account here: 

If you have a credit or balance remaining on your YogaReg account, these will be migrated over to CowTinker by the end of the month. 

**Update your account information and link family members** 
Once you’ve logged into your account, please check to see that your address, phone number, and emergency contact information are up to date. You can also add any household family members. Family members were not migrated over from YogaReg, so it’s important that you add them here if they will be taking Circle Yoga classes. Adult family members should create a separate CowTinker account as well. Don’t worry, family members living in the same household will still be able to share class registrations. We will link your accounts in CowTinker, and each of you will receive separate notifications for the specific classes you take. Email us at to request that family members accounts be linked.

**Register for Fall Session B**
Now it’s time to register for Fall Session B! After you have logged into CowTinker, click on FEES to register for 2, 4, or 6 Zoom classes per week. Registered students will continue to have full access to our video library. Click on the SCHEDULE link to view the class schedule for Fall Session B. One week will be visible at a time. You can see future weeks by specifying the dates at the top or by clicking the black boxes with white arrows near the top.

**Fall Session A will continue without change**
As a Fall Session A registrant, you will continue to receive a daily email with Zoom links as well as the link and password for videos through the end of Fall Session A, which is Sunday, October 25. The way that you join classes and access videos will not change until Monday, October 26, when Fall Session B begins. We’ll send a follow-up email before the first day of Fall Session B to make sure you know how to access your classes and videos using the new system.

**Need help?**
When you log into CowTinker, you’ll see a box near the top-right of the schedule page that says “Need help?” This takes you to CowTinker’s help desk. They can assist you with basic questions or problems with your CowTinker account. If your question is a little more complicated or you need help from a Circle Yoga staff member, you can still email us at

We appreciate your patience during this migration—there will certainly be a few kinks to work out. Thanks for your continued support, and we look forward to seeing you for Fall Session B! 


The Circle Yoga Cooperative Team

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