Everything (well, maybe not EVERYthing) you need to know about earning and logging CEUs

How many CEUs are required each year?

The number of CEUs required annually is determined by your membership status:

Professional Members - 12 CEUs
Senior Associate Members - 6 CEUs
Associate Members - 3 CEUs

What if I earn more than the required number of CEUs?

Once you have met your annual requirement, additional CEUs can be rolled forward to the following year:

Professional Members can roll forward up to 6 CEUs
Senior Associate Members can roll forward up to 3 CEUs
Associate Members can roll forward up to 1 CEU

Continue learning to continue earning!

What qualifies for CEUs?

Most industry events, webinars, trade shows, etc. qualify for CEUs, as well as
writing articles, teaching or completing coursework, and providing service to FCSI. Learn more about qualifying programs here.

How do I log CEUs?

If you attend a program presented by an FCSI Education Provider, they will report your CEUs and an FCSI staff person will log them in your journal.
If you are reporting a non EPP activity, you must self report and log your own CEUs. Once you have submitted an entry, it will be forwarded to HQ for review and will be added to your total if approved.

Please remember to monitor your journal regularly to ensure that CEUs for qualified Education Provider Programs have been reported and recorded and that your journal is accurate and up-to-date.

Follow the directions below to access your CEU journal within your member profile.
How do I access webinars and events that qualify for CEUs?

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, most in person events have been paused. Click on either of the links below to see listings of qualifying webinars. In person events will be added to the calendar as they become available.

FCSI The Americas values education and firmly believes that the continuing education requirement is one of the many things that sets FCSI members apart from other foodservice consultants.

We are here for you!

If you have questions or require assistance
contact Penny Price, FCSI TA Director of Member Services.

Penny Price