September 2020: Putting Our Plans Into Action!

  • District 60's Success Plan is ready for District Council to review.
  • Your Club's Success Plan should be ready for you to review (ask your Club President).

Now it's time to put those plans into action. We're facing some challenging circumstances but, with your skills and perseverance, we'll meet and overcome them.

Read on for some great opportunities and tools that we've prepared to help you on your leadership and learning journey. And let's get going!

Wendy Williamson DTM, District Director

For Everyone: Time To Pay Club Dues

Toastmasters - you've benefited in new and unexpected ways over the past year (who could have predicted that we'd all have become virtual meeting experts?). Now it's time to commit to the next stage of your learning journey.

Make your Club Treasurer's job just a little easier - let them have your club dues now. Treasurers need to submit member fees to Toastmasters International by October 1st, and they need a little time before that to organize their accounts.

What other organization offers you:
  • up to 50 meetings a year
  • being able to practice new skills that are useful for work and personal life, including running virtual meetings
  • learning how to give feedback that people will listen and respond to
  • access to 11 different Paths, with projects that are directly applicable to personal and work environments?

Check with your Club Treasurer on method of payment - many are now accepting electronic transfer, so you can send the money directly from your smartphone.
For Everyone: learn from a World Champion of Public Speaking - for free!
And here's another membership benefit, included in your fees:

Learn from the 2013 World Champion of Public Speaking,
Pres Vasilev

In this free interactive storytelling workshop, Pres will reveal the most powerful storytelling secrets.  Watch his winning World Championship speech, engage in a dynamic discussion to explore its storytelling secrets, and learn how to craft your own compelling stories.

District 60 is proud to host Pres on Saturday September 19th, 2pm.
For Club Officers: Your September To-do List

  • YOUR MOST URGENT TASK THIS MONTH: Prepare to run an Open House during October. This is your opportunity to attract and recruit enthusiastic, trepidatious and curious new members.

District 60 will support you with a marketing campaign centered on LinkedIn (see below). You can also find a host of useful tools by clicking on this link. And your Area Director is standing by to offer any assistance you need.

There are only a few other items to take care of:

  • Complete your Club's Success Plan. You have just a few days left to submit your Success Plan to your Area Director (by September 30th) and qualify for an incentive. Here's the link to the form to complete.

  • Register for District Council. Every Club President and VP Education should attend District Council to be briefed and vote on important District business. Mark your schedules now for the evening of Wednesday September 23rd, and register here.

For Area and Division Directors: Immediate Tasks

Area Directors - a reminder that you should be completing and submitting Club Visit Reports, targeting October 15th for 100% completion.

Division and Area Directors - you have some meetings to attend and vote at:
  • September 23rd - District Council. Click here to register, if you haven't already. Your attendance is vital, to review and vote on the District's budget and Success Plan.
  • October 6th - District Executive Council.
For Everyone - Results Of Our Pathways Survey

Did you complete the Pathways survey earlier this summer? Many members did and provided valuable feedback for our Pathways chair and Program Quality team. 

One key takeway was that over 1/3 of respondents felt comfortable supporting others in Pathways. VPs Education, this means that there are likely members in your club who can support you in educating and assisting members in the Pathways program!

Members also provided feedback on areas where they felt more information would be of value. We’re listening, and you can watch for workshops addressing areas like Navigation, Level and Project Completion, VPE Tools, and Member Motivation coming up in September and October. Check the District 60 Facebook group and District 60 Events Calendar for the workshops.

We'll also post workshop details on the new Pathways tab at  
There, you'll find a wealth of information, Reference Guides, Videos and Forms. Check out:
  • About
  • Moving Through Your Path
  • Help For Members
  • and Help For Clubs sub tabs. 

Detailed, step by step instructions make it easy for members to get things done in Pathways. Under Path Checklists, you will find a Checklist for your Path(s) in both Word and fillable PDF formats, indicating the steps you need to complete your path. Each checklist provides you with a handy place to record your progress and plan ahead. The Division Trainer sub tab lists Pathways Trainers who are ready and willing to provide Pathways training for your Club.

 If there are items which you like to see included under the Pathways tab or have questions about Pathways, please email our Pathways Chair, Tony Nelson DTM

Congratulations and Thanks to...

...the team led by Andrew Mertens DTM which has just completed a revamp of the District 60 website. As early users have noted, it's now "clean, crisp and succinct"!

As well as the enhanced Pathways information noted above, it's your gateway to a host of resources that will help you and your Club grow.

Here are some of the new features:
A - New Header that geographically locates D60 (particularly important as Toastmasters from around the world virtually country-hop their way to new meeting opportunities).
B - Social media links easily accessible.
C - New tabs with exceptional information. Check out how the items under “Pathways” clarify our educational journeys. Thank you Tony Nelson!
D - Important dates and actions for our members, Club officers and District leaders.
E - A new “Tip of the Week”, updated … weekly 😊
We always welcome suggestions and if there is something that you would like to suggest, please do not hesitate to send a quick email to

Thanks to the webmaster team of Andrew, Caroline, Janice, and Michelle.
And Finally...We Need Your Help!

District 60 will run a LinkedIn marketing campaign during October, to promote and support Open House month.

To maximize its impact, please visit your own LinkedIn page now, and make sure that you've listed ALL your Toastmasters achievements. The LinkedIn algorithm will work harder for us when it spots all of us mentioning Toastmasters!

We build new clubs and support all clubs in
achieving excellence.

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