Dear Friends,

In these days when so much is unknown we are grateful for what we do know. As participants in the Imagine community we are grateful for each of you and the compassionate guides and leaders who share from their hearts and knowledge with such love and generosity.

As you know the World Health Organization (WHO) at 12:45 on Wednesday officially declared COVID19 a pandemic. They, along with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), are saying the most important thing right now is containment. We cannot wait for an outbreak before trying to contain the virus; we must do it now.

In an effort to contain community spread, organizations such as the NBA, NCAA, NHL, colleges and universities, and yesterday Loudoun County Public Schools, have canceled events. According to the WHO and CDC, this is the best way to protect millions of people in the country and in our own local community.

In light of this information, the Crossroads leadership have decided to stop all gatherings including the church gatherings on Sunday, small groups, retreats, etc, and all Imagine Well Being gatherings for the safety and well-being of all until March 22nd. We will be updating everyone as we get closer to that date.  

  • Tomorrow we are going to videotape at Crossroads: Breathing Practices for Anxiety, Chair Yoga for Stress & Immune Support and possibly a few more practices. We are considering doing some community groups through Zoom but are prepping for that online. 

  • We will be posting these links through: 
  • the Imagine Well Being newsletter list  
  • the Imagine website - 
  • the Crossroads newsletter list and website -
  • on Crossroads' Facebook page

  • I will be using a GoPro to videotape a meditative nature walk (next week) as a model for each of you to do on your own as part of self care.

  • For those who may be interested Crossroads will be doing a weekly Church at Home offering available through starting on 3/15.

Again, we are so thankful to each of you who bring your intention, value and presence to all of our gatherings. We look forward to sharing those gifts in person again when it is safe to do so while offering some online presence to help bring calm and well-being through online practices and supportive community.

May the different gifts of meditative practice and supportive community be a blessing to you and shared with your loved ones and friends during these difficult times. 

Please feel free to post these Imagine Well Being online links on Facebook and ask your friends and family to share if they have been helpful as well. We believe this is an act of love and a way to "imagine well-being" to share with others beyond the limitations of physical proximity. 

I am holding each of you in my heart and in my active prayers including good self-care as we practice meditation and supportive community together and apart during these days.

May you receive the serenity to accept the things you cannot change (or control)
The courage to change the things you can 
And the Wisdom to know the difference.
Living one day at a time; 
Enjoying one moment at a time; 
Accepting hardships as the pathway to peace;

With faith, hope and love,

Cathy Norman with the Imagine Well Being Team