Important dates
Summer 2018
June 18  - Six-week summer session begins (June 18 - July 26)
June 18 - Late enrollment - space available basis. Use online registration with late add code, or in-person with signature of instructor or late add code.
July 1 - Deadline to file AA/AS degree or certificate
July 4 - Holiday (observed) - Independence Day - college closed
July 26 - Last day of summer session

Fall 2018
August 27 - Fall classes begin
August 27 - AA/AS degree or certificate filing period begins through October 15 
August 27 - September 7   - Late enrollment - space available basis. Register online with late add code or register in-person with signature of instructor or late add code 
Summer at DVC!
Six-week summer classes begin on June 18. Enroll for classes now!

Shorter terms starting in the fall
Beginning fall 2018, terms will be 16 weeks instead of 18 weeks long. Same quality instruction, same amount of time with your instructor. Fall 2018 classes begin August 27 and end December 16.
Join DVC's Umoja program!
Umoja (a Kiswahili word meaning unity) is part of a statewide program committed to the academic success, personal growth and self-actualization of African American and other students.

The DVC Umoja program is looking for students who want to engage in our learning community for 2018-19. Students in Umoja are required to take two linked courses each semester, meet with a mentor, participate in field trips, and meet other program requirements. If you want to be part of a strong community that supports each other's success, please email  for more information.
Study abroad in Florence, Italy
Don’t miss the lifetime opportunity to live and study in Florence, Italy for the spring 2019 term. To learn more, attend one the  upcoming information sessions  on June 26 or June 28.
Welcome Day at DVC
Attending DVC for the first time? Then join us for a one-day welcome event! Come explore your campus community, meet your faculty and peers, attend informative workshops, learn about exciting opportunities, and get prepared for a successful first term!

San Ramon Campus
Monday, August 20
10:00 am-1:00 pm

Pleasant Hill Campus
Saturday, August 25
8:30 am-12:00 pm or 12:30-4:00 pm
Assessment Center announcements
Assessment is one of the most important steps in the enrollment process. In addition to traditional assessments, DVC offers an online placement tool for students that graduated high school after 2007. This tool is used to determine your placement in English and math based on your high school courses, grades, and GPA.

Learn more by visiting the Assessment Center . Assessments are offered on a regular basis, and appointments can be made  online  or in the  Assessment Center .
Counseling announcements

Summer counseling appointments
Summer appointments are now available all summer for current, continuing and transfer students. Drop by the Counseling Center to make an appointment to update your educational plan, ask questions, and get answers.

New prerequisite for Physics 130
There is a new prerequisite for Physics 130. Students must now show proof of passing high school physics OR must take Physics 129 at DVC prior to Physics 130. If you took high school physics, download the Prerequisite Form or get a copy from the Admissions and Records Office or the Counseling Center . Please attach a high school transcript and turn it in to the Admissions and Records Office.
Volunteers needed!
GET INVOLVED in your campus community!  We are looking for enthusiastic volunteers to welcome new students to DVC.
Our annual Welcome Day event will be held at the San Ramon Campus on Monday, August 20 and at the Pleasant Hill Campus on Saturday, August 25 . Come help new students explore campus, attend informative workshops, and prepare for a successful first term. If you would like to be a part of this welcoming and fun event at either campus, please complete the Welcome Day Volunteer Form.

Welcome Week August 27 and August 28 at the Pleasant Hill Campus. Make the first week of school less stressful during the August “back-to-school” rush by helping fellow students locate classrooms and student services, assisting with Insite Portal/WebAdvisor, and making the transition into the new term easier for everyone.  If you are interested in helping with our “back-to-school” rush at the Pleasant Hill Campus, please complete the  Welcome Services Volunteer Form.
Benefits of volunteering include:
  • Obtaining Volunteer Certificates (for each event)
  • Sharing your DVC pride with new students, guests and families
  • Having the opportunity to publicly demonstrate your commitment to DVC’s mission and values
  • Bolstering college applications and resumes

If you have any questions, please contact Mercy Pono at or 925-969-2115.
First Year Experience (FYE)
First year students! Jump start your college success! Enroll in a First Year Experience (FYE) fall pathway at DVC! 

FYE helps students:
• connect to campus resources
• find a community of friends
• gain skills for college success
• explore career and major pathways
• get a great start in reaching your educational goals

The Business FYE Pathway is linked with three classes and has two cohorts. 
• Cohort 1: BUS 109 - 1358, ENGL 118 - 1511, COUNS 100 - 2922. 
• Cohort 2: BUS 109 - 1359, ENGL 122 - 0655, COUNS 100 - 2923.

The Communication FYE Pathway is linked with three classes: COUNS 100 - 2913, ENGL 122 - 0652, COMM 120 - 2636

The STEM FYE Program is linked with three classes: accelerated MATH 120 - 3430 and 121 - 0491 sequence, CHEM 108 - 2394, COUNS 100 - 2914

The Human Behavior FYE Pathway is linked with three classes at the San Ramon campus: COUNS 100 - 9163, HIST 121 - 9370, ENGL 122 - 9253.

For more information, visit First Year Experience (FYE). To participate, register for the linked classes and complete the FYE Intake Form.
CalWORKs announcements
Are you a parent? If so, did you know you can receive county assistance to attend school? County assistance includes money for your household, food stamps, medical coverage, vouchers to pay for your books, parking, educational supplies, and free child care while you go to school. Stop by or contact the CalWORKs Office for more information about eligibility and services.
San Ramon Campus announcements

San Ramon Campus Bookstore summer hours
Need to purchase textbooks, school supplies, or grab a snack? Stop by the SRC Bookstore, located in the Learning Commons. Summer hours are Monday-Thursday, 8:00 am - 6:00 pm.

Financial aid at SRC
Need money for tuition and books? Come and talk with our financial aid staff in the Admissions Lobby on Wednesdays from 9:00 am -1:00 pm and 2:00 - 5:00 pm.
911 Shield app (mobile blue phones)
Campus safety in the palm of your hand! The 911 Shield app is now fully operational and available in the Apple iTunes store , or in the  Andriod app store
Student Union announcement
The main entrance on the second floor to the Student Union Building will be closed from July 2-17, while the front of the building is being painted. Please enter through the first floor by the Multicultural Center during this time.
Transfer announcements
Stop by Transfer Services for questions about transferring or for information about the application process to UC, CSU, private, or out-of-state colleges. We’re here for you!
DVC calendar
Check out the campus calendar to find out what's happening at DVC! Discover important academic dates, workshops, guest speakers, drama production, musical events, festivals, and MORE!
Where to eat at DVC        
New to DVC? Want to know where to eat on campus?  Check out the food services available at DVC.
DVC's new custom clothing and accessories!
Check out DVC's new custom apparel and accessories website. You can now order clothing and accessories with the DVC logo on your choice of clothing and/or accessories, including UnderArmour! Many options and colors to choose from. Shop today!
Stay connected with DVC WiFi
Follow the  step-by-step instructions  for wireless internet on the DVC campus. You will need your InSite Portal ID and password.
Smoke Free DVC
Diablo Valley College is now a Tobacco-Free Institution
DVC is committed to promoting the good health of our students, staff and broader community by providing a healthy environment in which to learn and work. Given the negative health impacts of tobacco and similar product use, the Governing Board has established policy (GBP #2045) designating DVC as a tobacco-free institution. Therefore: 
Smoking, smoking substitutes, smoke inducing devices and vaping are considered a health hazard and are prohibited on all college property. This includes, but is not limited to, products containing tobacco or nicotine, e-cigarettes, cigars, clove cigarettes, smokeless tobacco, snuff, chew packets, hookah smoking, personal vaporizers/electronic smoking devices, marijuana and controlled substances regulated under federal law. 

This policy shall apply to all students, employees, volunteers, vendors, consultants, agents, contractors, and visitors on Diablo Valley College property as defined above. Consistent with Government Code 7597.1, the Governing Board has imposed fines and set enforcement standards for DVC in order to ensure a tobacco-free environment.

Please read the complete smoking policy on our website. 

Take a deep breath and enjoy a SMOKE FREE DVC!
Campus safety
Diablo Valley College and the Contra Costa Community College District are committed to maintaining a safe environment at our campus sites. While not all circumstances are preventable, we are continually working to ensure that protocols and procedures are in place to respond to emergencies as expediently as possible: protecting the safety of our employees, students, and visitors remains among the highest of priorities for our College and District.  Learn more about our safety features and programs at DVC.

Follow these safety tips to help you protect yourself, your belongings, and fellow students on campus:
  • Be alert and aware of your surroundings and the people around you - especially if you are alone or it is dark.
  • Stay on well-traveled paths in open areas. Avoid dark, concealed, or unpopulated areas.
  • If possible, walk with a friend -- even during daylight hours.
  • Walk confidently, directly and at a steady pace.
  • If you feel you are being followed, walk quickly to areas where there are other people. If in danger, screaming or yelling loudly will attract attention.
  • And don't forget to download and use the new 911 Shield app.
FREE Microsoft Office software for all DVC students!
DVC students get Microsoft Office 365 Pro Plus at no cost via the Microsoft Professional Plus Benefit program.
DVC Connect Card
Do you have your DVC ID and ASDVC discount sticker? Go to the Student Union to get both. The library also provides black and white ID cards, and the Book Store sells the discount sticker for $10, so you can get 5 percent off of your purchases there. Visit DVC Connect Card for more information.
Career Services announcements

Career planning
Not sure what you want to do or if the major you have chosen is the right fit? Stop by the  Career and Employment Services , SSC-202. Use our computer lab to research college majors and career paths, complete interest and personality assessments, search for jobs and internships, and have your resume and cover letter reviewed by a professional. You don't have to figure it all out on your own, we're here to help.

Online job board
DVC Career Services uses  College Central Network   for all online jobs, internships and volunteer opportunities. Check out this interactive tool that connects local employers with prospective candidates. Local employers are looking for DVC students. They understand that you may not be looking for full-time employment and are usually still in pursuit of your educational goals.

Need experience?
You're back in school! Education combined with experience is the key to making yourself a highly competitive candidate. Check out the  College Central Network  for job and internship opportunities. Stop by the  Career and Employment Services , SSC-202 for more information.
Please be a good neighbor and consider our neighborhood
Help us preserve DVC's excellent reputation by doing your part to be a good neighbor! We understand that our students sometimes have to park on neighborhood streets at the beginning of the semester when campus parking is harder to find. If you do park off campus, please show respect for our neighbors by doing your part to keep their streets clean, quiet, and peaceful!
Marijuana policy at DVC
Recreational marijuana is legal in California, but it is still prohibited on all Contra Costa Community College District property, colleges and campuses.
Policy on skateboarding, skating, and bicycling on campus
In accordance with V.C. 21113(f), the use of bicycles, motorized bicycles, electric bicycles, skateboards, electrically motorized boards, and roller skates on the DVC campus is strictly prohibited.
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