Thank you for signing up with The Unity Project and Moms on the Ground to receive information on how we are collectively going to fight the Covid-19 Mandate for K-12.

This first email may be long but very important to read everything and download the forms and send them in. There is also information regarding our next webinar at the bottom.

In an effort to ensure that your voices are heard by Governor Newsom, the state elected officials, and school officials, we are urging you to participate in a coordinated campaign. 

´╗┐Calls to action:

1. Sign and send the attached letter to the following:
     - School Principal
     - School Nurse
     - School Superintendent
     - ALL School Board Members
     - Your elected officials (Congressman, State Senators, Assemblymen, Governor)
2. Sign the Covid-19 Parental Refusal of Consent form and send to the following and ensure that your child/children carry this with them any time they are at school:
     - School Principal
     - School Nurse

3. Sign the Petition and send to the following:
    - Elected officials (Congressman, State Senators, Assemblymen, Governor)

We highly encourage you to email and mail these documents. Make your voice heard and use the power and strength of numbers by encouraging everyone that you know to do the same.

Dr. Aaron Kheriaty will be hosting our next webinar on Friday November 12th discussing exemptions and the Covid-19 Vaccine Mandate. Please register here for that webinar. We have a maximum of 750 people that are able to attend and will be emailing out the link to the recording afterwards if you are unable to attend.

The Unity Project