Dear Fellow Members,

As we all are aware, the pandemic of COVID-19 has disrupted our dental practices and personal lives to a degree we have never experienced. The Chicago Dental Society remains vigilant in monitoring all federal, state and local messaging and guidance and plans to send you updates and helpful resources in the coming days. We therefore wish to communicate our expectations of our members.

With respect to your dental practice, you are implored to do the following:

1.    Postpone all elective dental treatment and procedures immediately.

2.    Treat only patients requiring emergency dental procedures. Click here to access ADA’s Guide to Emergency vs. Non Emergency Dental Procedures. This should be done until March 31 or until further advised. 

3.    As always, to minimize exposure use appropriate infection control procedures including the use of personal protective equipment for the dentist and staff.

4.    You should ask patients to wash their hands with soap and warm water and to rinse with a 1% hydrogen peroxide solution upon entering the operatory.

5.    Communicate the need to your patients for frequent hand washing, and to sneeze or cough in a tissue or their sleeve covering their nose and mouth as needed.

6.    Make sure all areas within your practice are thoroughly disinfected, including door handles, chairs, restroom, and dental equipment.

The Chicago Dental Society, while not a regulatory body, strongly encourages each member to adhere to this guidance. Most dental societies nationwide have taken these same steps. The membership needs to continue to lead by example, acting willingly and in conformity to maintain our positive professional image among the public and other healthcare professionals.

While our office hour reductions will be inconvenient and difficult, this public health emergency must be taken seriously and take precedence. I ask you to join me and the Board of Directors of the Chicago Dental Society as we all attempt to get through this extremely difficult challenge together.
Terri S. Tiersky, DDS, JD
cc: Board of Directors

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