October, 2019
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25% of Healthcare Organizations Have Experienced a Mobile Security Breach in the past 12 Months. 

The Verizon Mobile Security Index 2019 report indicates 25% of healthcare organizations have experienced a security breach involving a mobile device in the past 12 months. 

The main security risks were seen to be how devices were used. Verizon notes that this could be explained, in part, by the lack of effective security measures in place.

Across all industries, 48% of respondents said they sacrificed security to get tasks completed compared to 32% last year

81% said they use mobile devices to connect to public Wi-Fi even though in many cases doing so violates mobile device security policy. Learn More

HIPAA compliant texting and conversational AI can be a powerful practice management tool.

Imagine, Awrel , a texting app that can have all of your referrals, labs, orders, and collaboration documented without phone calls, letters, or complicated secure services. 

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