November, 2019
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HHS’ breach portal, often referred to as the “Wall of Shame” is a place no organization wants to end up. Up and running since 2009, the breach portal satisfies a congress mandate for the public to have access to breach information.

The wall shows the organization’s name, state, the type of covered entity (i.e., healthcare provider or business associate), how many individuals were affected, the type of breach (i.e. hacking, theft), when the breach was reported, as well as the location of the breached information (i.e. email, paper, films, network server).

Whitelisting vs Blacklisting
by Dan Randow & filed under Email. You are trying to reset your password. The site says “check your inbox for a password reset email”. But there is no email in your inbox. This frustrating problem can also occur when you are signing up with a site, or adding an email address to your profile. It can also stop you getting posts from an online group - Learn more
A blacklist is a list of applications, email addresses, IP addresses, and websites that  cannot  access your network
A whitelist is approved applications, addresses, etc. The rest are blocked.

  • Build an email whitelist by adding approved email addresses to your contact list
  • Update whitelists regularly to minimize vulnerability - Learn more
Everyone uses text messaging for easy communication. T exting is an unencrypted form of communication and can be intercepted at any point in transmission.

Your business partners, colleagues, and patients deserve the protection of secure communication.
Awrel Lite- HIPAA compliant text is free and simple:
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