To Our Get Some Fam,

We want to assure you that we're taking the necessary precautions and closely monitoring the State and Local guidelines related to our industry.

We're making additional adjustments in order to keep Get Some a safe environment for your health and wellness:

  • Removal of 9 bags from the boxing studio with increased spacing between bags.
  • Removal of 5 bikes with increased spacing between bikes.
  • Conversion of some station related classes to boxing & weights to limit shared contact with equipment. For example, tomorrow's 5:45am Bootcamp with ICE is now Guns, Butts, & Guts.
  • Capacity limits on select classes will comply with local regulations. This should only affect a few of the busiest classes. In particular, Mon and Tues 7pm with ICE and Sat and Sun with Jon, ICE, & Aurora. Please book these classes ahead of time to ensure your spot.
  • No double bagging.

As always, we will continue b efore and after class sanitation of all surfaces with products containing at least 60% alcohol including weights, mats, bags, bikes, bars, countertops, iPads, and door knobs. Also, continued use of Lysol to disinfect all rental gloves and shoes.

We will continue to enforce our new policy of no out of state drop-ins until further notice.

I appreciate your confidence in our efforts to adapt to preserve your studio. We're heedfully following all guidelines and moving purposefully to keep you safe and healthy.

In good health,