Dear Sequoyah Families,

We're making plans to prepare the community for distance learning while the campus is closed. Your student will need access to the internet as well as a device (Chromebook, laptop, or tablet) Monday through Friday to participate in the programs planned. Please complete this survey to help us understand our tech needs as a community. Please complete this survey by the end of the day today (Friday).

Our goals for this period of distance learning are to:
  • support student social-emotional and academic growth, 
  • maintain relationships with peers and 
  • provide a sense of stability. 

We are planning a mix of video conferencing and schoolwork, on and offline. As we plan, we are being mindful of the amount of screentime students will have during this phase of their learning and plan to provide opportunities for some meaningful experiences that aren't centered around the computer.

One of the platforms students will be directed to use regularly is Zoom (how to). You can prepare now for your child's first Zoom meeting by downloading Zoom on the device your child will be using. The plan is for students to start the school day by checking their classroom page on the parent portal for the schedule of the day. Their schedule will consist of a daily class meeting, directed work, a weekly conversation with their teacher, and structured opportunities for students to connect with each other. Your child may have started to prepare by bringing home notebooks and other materials. Your child's teacher may notify you to pick up additional items on Tuesday. 
The same attendance expectations for the regular school day apply for distance learning. If your child is sick or can't participate on a particular day, please email your classroom teacher and copy Betty Chavez at . If you're planning a longer absence, email your classroom teacher and copy Azizi Williams at

Please be patient with us while we make this unprecedented transition. You can expect that there will be some challenges, especially as we launch. Students and parents who need technical support can do so by emailing . Our technology team is also able to assist with issues remotely .  

During this time we will be available to support you. Please feel free to reach out to me with any general questions or concerns as well as social-emotional needs. Reach out to Emily about academic questions or student support. As always, Anais Plasketes, Social & Emotional Learning specialist, is available to consult directly with parents.  

On Tuesday you'll hear from your teacher, inviting you to the classroom page where the schedule for Wednesday will be posted.

Many teachers and students were able yesterday to imagine together what distance learning at Sequoyah could be like. We're taking it as a unique opportunity to realize our values as a school in a new way.

We will be in frequent contact with you along this journey.

Azizi Williams and Emily Singer

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