May 21, 2020
A Message from Jean Born
Dear Families,

I want to express gratitude for your continued support of our teachers' virtual instruction and your child's learning. The pandemic has created an entire new educational and emotional journey that we have worked hard to travel together with our families.

This issue of the newsletter contains important updates as we look to close out the last two weeks of virtual learning. We are very interested in receiving your feedback about virtual learning and have prepared survey for both our families and our students. We have also included plans for supply distribution and collection. Please take the time to read the information carefully. Also, p lease remember per our school calendar, we have a long weekend planned for Memorial Day Weekend, with no school on Friday, May 22 or Monday, May 25.

Many of you have contacted the district to inquire about how students and teachers will start next school year. We simply do not have answers, but continue to plan for a continuity of operations with information as it becomes available. Please know that any plans that are made will be in the best interest of student and staff safety.

Thank you, again, for your continued partnership in supporting our school community during these challenging times.

Jean Born
Seeking Feedback about Virtual Learning
Family Survey
Families are being asked to take a few minutes to complete a brief Virtual Learning survey linked here. There is a series of multiple-choice type answers followed by a box at the end to provide comments. Your feedback is important to us as it will assist in improving Virtual Learning to better support parents, guardians and students. Please complete one survey per child as we understand that your feedback may vary between teachers, grade levels, and schools. Note that your responses will be anonymous.  
Student Survey
Students are also being asked to complete a brief Virtual Learning survey linked here. It will also be distributed directly to our students to complete and it only allows a student to complete one survey. Student responses will remain anonymous.
Student Supply Distribution and Collection
Please Be Prepared

Our staff has been working hard on cleaning out lockers and classrooms and labeling with student information. If your child(ren) have school-issued textbook or library materials, please plan to return them at your scheduled curbside date/time as noted in the information from principals below. Also, please try to take care of fees online prior to your pickup, as convenience fees have been waived. If you plan to pay in person, please prepare an envelope with a check made out to SDSF or exact cash, as no change will be given. Finally, please prepare a sign for your dashboard with your child(ren)'s name so that we can keep the line moving safely and efficiently.
More information from Mrs. Bub and Mrs. Pound about elementary/middle school supply distribution and collection, including a link to schedule your curbside pickup date and time can be found by clicking on this link or by clicking on the letter.

Also, important fun news for SFES students:
Mr. Johnson and Mr. Houwers will be hosting a virtual field day event next week, Tuesday, May 26 through Thursday, May 28.
Mrs. Bub and Mrs. Hyde are planning a virtual Rockin' Recess event Tuesday, June 2.  
Watch for messages from your teachers about these fun virtual events. We won't be together, but we will still have fun virtually!
More information from Mr. Krutzik about high school curbside collection and distribution assigned by grade level.

Curbside dates/times are as follows:

Thurs, May 28 - Seniors (8:00am - noon)

Tues, June 2 - Juniors (8:00am - noon)

Weds, June 3 - Sophomores (8:00am - noon)

Thurs, June 4 - Freshmen (8:00am - noon)

Fri, June 5 - any students unable to attend the days listed above (7:00am - 9:00am)

Stations will be positioned under the canopy along the driveway in front of the high school. Please put a sign on your vehicle dashboard that indicates the student name and be prepared for each station in order to keep the line moving efficiently.

Station #1 (Seniors Only)
Chromebook return
Station #2
Library, textbook, calculator and school-issued materials collection
Station #3
Yearbook Distribution
Station #4
Fines/fees Collection if not paid online (please prepare an envelope)
Station #5
Art: project/supply distribution, supply collection
Choir: folder collection
Band: Tuxes/dresses, lab books, school instruments, etc. collection
AP: summer assignment distribution for 2020-21 AP courses
Station #6 (Gym Lobby)
Locker contents distribution (School, PE, Team, Tech Ed)
Station #7 (Seniors Only)
Scholarships/awards/cords/medals distribution

 During pick-up please fight the urge to stay and talk with our staff. We all want to embrace the opportunity to stay connected, however, it is extremely vital for the safety and health of everyone that we move quickly through the process. Staff will hand you the materials similar to the way we hand out lunches. 

Additional Year-end Updates for SFHS Students

Final Exams
We are not going to run a special final exam schedule (especially since we are virtual and doing block already) but some teachers are electing to do a "final assessment" of some sort.

Spring Sports Message from Mr. Berlin
The EWC will not have any conference games or non conference games with any other schools for spring sports teams during the 30 day period given by the WIAA in July 2020. EWC schools can use the 30 days as practice time as each school sees fit using seniors, juniors, sophomores and freshmen.
K-8 Virtual Summer School
The District is excited to offer students Virtual Summer School.
Teachers have created engaging classes for our K-8 students. There is no cost for summer school for our resident and Open Enrolled students.

Classes will run from Thursday, June 11th through Thursday, July 2nd. Students can work on the class anytime during the day that is available to them.

Click on the announcement to learn more about the classes and register.

Registration deadline is May 29.
Free Meals for Children Under 18
We are asking families to continue complete a Google form survey so that we know how many free meals to prepare and distribute.
Please use this link to let us know the number of free meals for your children on May 22, May 27 and May 29. Though May 22 is not school day, we will be serving meals. Will not be serving meals on May 25 as it is Memorial Day.
We will provide a new link for the week of June 1.

In addition, we are currently making plans to continue to serve our students June 9-30, but only on Tuesdays and Thursdays. More information, including a link to sign up for meals coming soon.
Information about Grading for Quarter 4 (REPEAT)
Below is a link to each of the building principal's letters to families explaining important information about grading for the fourth quarter, as well as a list of frequently asked questions. Please note that each building's grading approach is slightly different, as it is tailored to meet the needs of our learners.

Elementary School: Mrs. Bub's letter to families