July 16, 2021
Dear disciples of Holy Cross,

“He said to them, ‘Come away to a deserted place all by yourselves and rest a while.’” This quote comes from our Gospel reading this Sunday. It indicates that Jesus, inundated in his earthly ministry, still sought something that comes from the earliest passages all the back from Genesis: “And on the seventh day God finished the work that he had done, and he rested on the seventh day from all the work that he had done. So God blessed the seventh day and hallowed it, because on it God rested from all the work that he had done in creation.”

Sabbath is time ordained rest, a holy time to focus not on work or the worries that come with it, but a time to sink into the same rest and relaxation that God’s own self needed at the beginning of it all. And to this today, we are asked to keep a Sabbath holy. It is divine rest, for the soul, for the body, and for creation. Ultimately, not only does God need it, but so do we, that is deeply comforting to me.

In a world where we are ever more “plugged in” it becomes more important for us to simply unplug. Submitting ourselves to God’s time in the form of Sabbath is a balm for the soul that is ever pouring itself out. One of the last things Bob Meloon emphasized in his final class with us was precisely this point, recalling the Beatitudes, also known as the Macarisms: “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” We pour ourselves out continuously as disciples, emptying all that we have to see God’s vision more clearly, inasmuch as we can. That can leave us feeling hollow if we only pour ourselves out. Blessed are those who pour themselves continually, and God’s reign is their rest.

So, find Sabbath when and where we can because I know we all have been pouring ourselves out. My opportunity to escape is next week, as I will be away. How do you make space for Sabbath? What is God asking to rest within you? Be blessed in your pouring out, and in your pouring back in, that’s what God wants. Nothing less than our whole selves, poured completely out, and completely back in, and so it goes.

In rest and power,

Rev Richard
Rev. Richard on Vacation
This Monday, July 19th though Sunday, July 25th

Rev. Richard will be on vacation beginning this Monday, July 19th, through Sunday, July 25th. During this time he will not have access to his work email, text or voicemails. If you have a pastoral or other emergency while Rev. Richard is away please contact our Senior Warden, Karen Sanchez, at 808.494.0558.

Next Sunday we welcome the Rev. Maria Cristina Borges Alvarez to Holy Cross.
Please Note: As during our worship service, masks not required for those who have been vaccinated. However, unvaccinated people, including children under age 12, are expected to wear masks except for when they are drinking their beverage. At this time, we will not be providing food as all food must be individually wrapped or served by a server who is the only one to touch the serving implements. Thank you for your understanding.
There are a lot of good things going on at Holy Cross as well as important updates - be sure to check it all out below.

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Visioning Ministry
Visioning Update

As you all know, the Bishop’s Committee is preparing for a visioning ministry/process to help the congregation determine our calling as a community and how that will relate to any future location. While the Bishop’s Committee and Bishop Susan have the final say on any such matters in terms of decision making, we emphatically want this to be a congregationally informed discussion. The result of this process will be the visioning ministers’ recommendations to the Bishop and the Bishop’s Committee.

Our first step will be to clearly identify our values, who we are, who we want to serve, who we want to become as we grow into our next milestone. This is an important initial step in determining where we should land, because our location will allow that vision to thrive and/or present us with challenges. While any new location will have unique pros and cons, as we re-establish ourselves, we want to take this step with open eyes (as well as with Open Arms and Open Minds).

For that reason, the subsequent step for our calling will need to be backed up with basic facts that lead us to these specific goals. Who, demographically, do we want to become? Can we afford to rent our own space anywhere or is continuing to share space a good solution? The visioning ministry will consider seriously what it will actually take to be a sustained and successful mission wherever we are called next. Be that in Oceanside, Carlsbad, or someplace else here in North County, the visioning ministers will investigate, with guidance, what it takes for a functioning congregation to successfully exist and truly thrive by looking at real data such as census material, median income of a specific area, and rental/property prices, etc. This is hard work, but it is the work of the Spirit, and it behooves us to sniff out where it may lead us!

One of the exciting opportunities that the visioning ministry will get to contemplate: Is Holy Cross called to be the Episcopal mission and church plant in Oceanside? Bishop Susan has asked me, and us, to contemplate that as a possibility. But to be clear, regardless of where our process leads us, Oceanside, Carlsbad, or elsewhere, we will have her enthusiastic support as a mission of the diocese. The diocese certainly desires to have an Episcopal presence in Oceanside, but it is not the only option for us and we will have to see where our dreams, the data, and the Holy Spirit lead us.

Due to unforeseen circumstances external to Holy Cross, we have had to push back our start date for this ministry (more on this in an update to come in August). What we can say for sure is that the Bishop’s Committee is actively settling on a retreat date in mid-to-late November to discern who is called to this ministry and specifics as to how the process will start. Please let any of us know if you feel called to this beautiful opportunity, a ministry of vision!

Worship at Holy Cross
We use a screen to project the service bulletin. If you prefer your own worship booklet please download the booklet using the button below on your phone or tablet, or print a copy at home, and bring it with you. We are doing this for health precautions and to be better stewards of God's creation (reduce paper waste) - thanks for your understanding.
Miss last Sunday's service? Watch it below.
Video on Demand (VOD): All past service video's are available on our YouTube channel here.
Rooted in ancient monastic tradition, this is a perfect way to end the day.
Watch for our mid-week check-in newsletter with the service links.
Christian Formation
This Sunday, July 18th: Hebrew Scripture – Nevi'im ('Prophets'): Join us on Zoom to explore Hebrew scripture. This week we'll get a high-level view of the history and content of the prophets. Come away with a greater appreciation for these texts and perhaps a better understanding of how Jesus might have held them. Join this journey that started over 5,000 years ago on the other side of the world, and continues even now in our homes.

Up Coming Sundays
  • July 25................No session this week  
  • August 1.............Hebrew Scripture – Ketuvim ('Writings')
Ministries and Outreach
Supporting Refugee Families
with Rice and Oil Donations

Thank you to those who have donated to our July outreach project - rice and cooking oil donations for distribution to refugee families throughout San Diego County. For over 10 years Holy Cross has helped hundreds of refugee families with generous donations of over 16,000 pounds of rice and 800 gallons of cooking oil to RefugeeNet. The various countries in Asia and Africa from which the refugees come, all depend on rice and cooking oil for a major portion of their daily food.

In-kind donations of rice and oil are gratefully accepted, please bring them to church any Sunday in July. You may also make a financial donation, via:
  • Check: made out to Holy Cross with “rice and oil” on the memo line (Please mail your check to the church: 2647 Gateway Rd, Ste 105 #290, Carlsbad, CA 92009 or bring it with you on Sunday and place it in the collection plate located just inside the the door in the sanctuary);
  • Zelle: (send to: holycross@holycrosscarlsbad.org) please note "rice and oil" on the memo/what's this for line;
  • Faithstreet: select "RefugeeNet Outreach" from the dropdown menu.

Once again, a very generous anonymous donor will provide a $1,000 matching donation.

If you have questions, please contact ministry leader Mike Collier. Thank you for your generous support of this important outreach ministry.
All Saints Cemetery Clean-up

This is a great way to be outdoors helping to do basic yard work and some beautification projects at historic All Saints Cemetery (Episcopal) in Oceanside. Katie Ho coordinates this ministry. The next gardening date is: Tuesday 7/20, 9:30 - 11:am. Contact Katie via call or text at 619.990.2298 or via email at katetravels@yahoo.com for more information or to let her know you're joining in.
NEW MAILING ADDRESS: 2647 Gateway Rd Suite 105 #290, Carlsbad, Ca. 92009
Please be sure to update your recurring pledge payments to our new mailing address.
Second Quarter Giving Statements

Thank you to all who so faithfully continue to support Holy Cross. Your Second Quarter giving statements are available. Please pick your copy up at church on Sunday. You may also contact Muriel, our bookkeeper, at murielwa661@gmail.com, and she will be happy to email you a copy of your statement. Help us be a little more environmentally friendly!

If you would like pledge giving envelopes please let Muriel know as well.
If you have not yet pledged, pledges are welcome at any time and you may do so by clicking the button below and completing the online pledge form or click here for a PDF to email to Mike at colliermh@gmail.com or mail to the church office at 2647 Gateway Rd Suite 105 #290, Carlsbad, Ca. 92009. If you haven't already pledged this year please prayerfully consider supporting this blessed community of faith with a pledge.
Bishop's Committee

Bishop's Committee (BC) meetings are the third Thursday of the month from 5:30 pm - 6:30 pm. The next regularly scheduled BC meeting is Thursday, July 19th via Zoom. If there is something for which you wish to bring to the BC's attention, you may reach out to our Wardens, Karen Sanchez and Katie Ho, or any BC member. Their contact information is in the church roster or you may reach them at the church office: holycross@holycrosscarlsbad.org. Meetings are open and anyone may attend. Please reach out to Rev Richard for the Zoom link if you wish to attend.

You may read the approved June Minutes here; Treasures report here ; P&L here; Balance Sheet here; and the revised May P&L here; revised May Balance Sheet here
Pastoral Care
Whenever you have a concern or problem you would like to discuss confidentially, when a loved one is ill or has died, or whenever a visit with someone from Holy Cross may be of help to you, please contact Rev. Richard at 715.492.0297. Our clergy and members of our lay Pastoral Care team are commissioned to bring God’s grace and offer a time of listening, companionship, and prayer with those who are unable to attend worship or otherwise are in need of receiving such care. Short-term counseling, crisis intervention, and referral to other social service providers are also available.
Please hold all on our prayer list in your prayers:
If you would like to be added to the Prayers for Comfort, or would like to add someone else (please get their permission first) or add a family member to the Prayers for the Departed, please contact the church office at: email holycross@holycrosscarlsbad.org or 760.930.1270. Please mention 'Prayer List' in the Subject line and include whether the prayer request is for "Comfort" or for the "Departed".

Individuals will remain on the prayer list for 4 weeks. Please contact the office if you wish to have someone added for another 4 weeks.
Prayer for Discernment:
Brian Petersen, Postulant for Holy Orders, as he continues to discern God's call for ordained ministry and as he attends seminary.

Prayers for Thanksgiving
For our hosts at Oceanside Sanctuary, and for this community of Holy Cross.

Prayers for Comfort:
For for Randy, Art, Tom, Arlene, Ann, Paul, Jen, Ruth, Dawn, Michael, Brian, Barb, Mia, Betty, Ray & Karen, Bruce, Grayson & Abrienne, the Boggs family, Betty, Craig & Keith, Janice, all who have been affected by the COVID-19 virus, and those who have no one to pray for them.

Prayers for the Departed
We commend to God all who have died, especially Anne, Bob, those who have lost their lives to the COVID-19 virus, and those who have given their lives for freedom’s cause.

Prayers for those celebrating Birthdays

Prayers for those celebrating Anniversaries
Lon & Jean, Julie & Mirna

Prayers for those Traveling
Notes of Care
Thinking of you. Humming bird watercolor card illustration
If you would like to be added, or suggest someone to be added (please get their permission first) to Notes of Care please contact the church office at: holycross@holycrosscarlsbad.org or 760.930.1270

Note: If you have lost a member of your family and would like us to include you and your family in "Notes of Care" please provide the name and relationship of your loved one, the date they entered into glory, and the address of where you would like notes of care sent.
Please keep in your thoughts and prayers those who are unable to be with us in worship and reach out to them to let them know they are missed.

Tom Andreas
1930 W San Marcos Blvd Spc 234
San Marcos, CA. 92078

Arlene Cull
4714 Athos Way
Oceanside, Ca 92056

Allen & Cathie Zych
4014 Layang Layang Circle #J
Carlsbad, CA. 92008

Please hold Jim Guthinger, Bob Meloon's housemate and longtime friend, as well as the Holy Cross family and other friends of Bob, in prayer upon the death of Bob this past Tuesday Morning. A memorial service will be planned at some time in the future. You may reach out to Jim with notes of care at:

Jim Guthinger
752 Lazy Circle Drive
Vista, CA 92081-6745

Eternal rest grant unto Bob, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon him. May the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace.
In the Diocese and Beyond
I Am Greta Screening with Youth4Climate
and the Episcopal Diocese of San Diego
Thursday, July 22nd, 2021
6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
Free via Zoom

You are invited to a virtual screening and discussion of the documentary "I Am Greta", a biopic about youth climate activist Greta Thunberg. The film and discussion are a collaboration of SanDiego350 Youth4Climate, the Episcopal Diocese of San Diego, St Bart’s Episcopal Church, and St. Paul's Cathedral's Simpler Living ministry. View Trailer

The discussion will be led by youth, and we will be invited to listen to their responses to the film, allowing for questions from others as time permits. This event is intergenerational and sure to inspire audiences of all ages to protect the future!
TryTank Experimental Lab, a joint project of Virginia Theological Seminary in Alexandria, VA, and the General Theological Seminary in New York, and York St. John University are measuring the lasting impact of the Covid pandemic on the Episcopal church.

“There is no doubt that we have all been affected by COVID-19 and this includes the church,” said the Rev. Lorenzo Lebrija, director of the TryTank. “The question then becomes: how deep and where is the impact most felt. And are there opportunities there as well?”

York St. John University already carried out a similar survey in the midst of the pandemic in England and is now gathering and analyzing to measure the lasting impact there. The U.S. results will also allow for a comparison of the two sides of the Atlantic.

The survey will continue until the fall. The results are expected to be released later in the year.

​Please, help us out. Will you take the survey?
On December 3 - 4, 2021, the Episcopal Diocese of San Diego will welcome Presiding Bishop Michael Curry to Southern California for a celebration of good news. With interactive outreach projects, workshops, live discussion panels, youth offerings, and an evening of celebration at the beautiful Town and Country Resort, this is the perfect time to get away and enjoy some good news.
Who's your "One?" Inviting friends, family, and neighbors to the Good News Festival is an important part of making this event a true celebration of good news. Join us in committing to invite your "One," one person you know who needs to hear the good news of Jesus. You can find materials to help invite "your one" to the Good News Festival on the website. The flyers are available for download, but printed materials will also be provided to churches for broad distribution.
Humor Corner
Staff and Leadership
Our Clergy
Bishop: The Rt. Rev. Susan Brown Snook ***
Vicar: The Rev. Richard Hogue - vicar@holycrosscarlsbad.org **
Assisting Priest: The Rev. Walter Edelman
** office hours: Sunday - Thursday 9 am - 5pm. Fridays and Saturdays are his Sabbath days. Rev. Richard will always be available for pastoral emergencies regardless of the day, but asks that you understand he will not be responding to general emails, text messages or phone calls on his Sabbath days as he is trying to get the rest that God requires of all of us.

Bookkeeper: Muriel Wahl
AV Tech Guru: Jack Cater
AV Tech Asst: Miles Fesler

Leadership - Bishop's Committee ("BC")
Sr. Warden: Karen Sanchez - seniorwarden@holycrosscarlsbad.org
Jr. Warden: Katie Ho
Members at large: Mike Collier, Marci Stafford
Treasurer: Larry Sebastian
Clerk: Robyn Hill

Contact information:

Church office: 760.930.1270
Mailing address: 2647 Gateway Rd Suite 105 #290, Carlsbad, CA. 92009
To contact any of our clergy, staff, or BC members that do not have an email address listed above please use the church email address, your message will be forwarded to the individual. If you wish to contact them in confidence please indicate that in your message and we will ask the individual to contact you.

As a reminder, due to COVID-19, staff is working remotely. The office email and voice mail is monitored regularly. In the event of a pastoral emergency please contact Rev. Richard directly.

*** To contact the Bishop's office or another member of the diocesan staff ("EDSD"):
EDSD phone: 619-291-5947
EDSD staff directory: https://edsd.org/staff/

This communication provides you with information about Holy Cross and our Ministries. For comments or possible contributions, please email the editor at
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