May 11, 2020
Quarter 4 Grading & Other Updates
Dear Families,

It is hard to believe that it is almost the middle of May and we will soon be approaching the end of a school year. On Wednesday, May 13, we will be making repairs to our District's computer network and expect significant slowdowns. I see this as a great opportunity for all of us to take a break from online learning and our screens. Therefore, I will be declaring a “sun day closure” on Wednesday, May 13 , and instructing both staff and students to take the day off from virtual learning as if it were a snow day closure. 

Important information about Grading for Fourth Quarter
Below is a link to each of the building principal's letters to families explaining important information about grading for the fourth quarter, as well as a list of frequently asked questions. Please note that each building's grading approach is slightly different, as it is tailored to meet the needs of our learners.

Elementary School: Mrs. Bub's letter to families

Student Chromebook and iPads
Chromebooks will be collected from Seniors on May 28 unless they need credit recovery. We will plan to leave devices in the hands of all other students as they may be needed for summer school and a means of communication this summer. They may also need devices should we be forced to start the school year under further Stay at Home orders. Please remind your child(ren) to take special care of their devices and that their Internet use is monitored by our District tech team, even during the summer.

Summer School
The K-8 summer school courses which you had previously registered for have been cancelled. However, we are in the process of developing NEW summer school courses that can be completed virtually. Watch for more information and online registration for these courses!
In addition, we are planning for a late July through early August kickstart summer school session, but we are uncertain if this will need to be held virtually.
The high school PE and Health courses are still being held, but will be completed virtually. Families have been contacted about this change. If you have questions, please contact Mr. Krutzik

Student Supply Pick-up
Our staff has been working hard on cleaning out lockers and classrooms and labeling with student information. Families will be contacted with more information about a curbside pickup time during the week of June 1, with the exception of Seniors who will pick up on May 28. If your child(ren) have an essential item(s) that needs to be picked up sooner, please contact the principal to make arrangements.

During pick-up please fight the urge to stay and talk with our staff. We all want to embrace the opportunity to talk and stay connected, however, it is extremely vital for the safety and health of everyone that we move quickly through the process. Staff will hand you the materials similar to the way we hand out lunches. We understand that you may need to have your child(ren) with you at the time of pick-up. Please remind them that their teacher will not be able to high five or hug them as well as not have much time to talk. This will be a challenge for all of us, but we need to follow the CDC guidelines.  

Students Fee Refunds
See this memo for more information from the Director of Business Services explaining unpaid fines, fees that are being refunded, and giving families two choices on refunds:  
  • Choice 1 Do nothing, the refund will automatically be deposited into your child’s food service account less any unpaid fees or fines that are recorded in Infinite Campus; 
  • Choice 2 Contact your building office by June 5 to request a refund check be sent to the household address in June less any unpaid fees or fines that are recorded in Infinite Campus. 

Free Meals for Children Under 18
We are currently serving about 450 children each day and therefore asking families to continue complete a Google form survey so that we know how many meals to prepare.
Please use this link to let us know the number of free meals for your children on May 18, May 20, May 22, May 27 and May 29. Though May 22 is not school day, we will be serving meals. Will not be serving meals on May 25 as it is Memorial Day.
We will provide a new link for the week of June 1.

Please remember per our school calendar, we have a long weekend planned for Memorial Day Weekend, with no school on Friday, May 22 or Monday, May 25.

Let's continue to work together as a school community to have a strong finish to our school year!

Jean Born