Volume 1 | January 14, 2021
Welcome Back to The Ballroom of Reno!
Reno's only non-profit Ballroom dance studio.
Touching lives through dance and our commitment to our community.
We at The Ballroom of Reno are so happy we made it through 2020, and we honestly couldn't have done that without the support from all of you, our amazing students. Thank you! Here's hoping 2021 will include a lot more dancing for all of us.

We are so excited about some changes coming to the studio, including new classes and opportunities afforded to us through our non-profit status. If you have any suggestions about classes you would like to see, please email us at info@theballroomofreno.org. We'd love to hear from you!
January Classes
Due to their popularity throughout December, we've added several more Limited Contact/Partner classes to the schedule. In these classes you can dance with the person you came with to get a better idea of the lead/follow aspects of the dance, but you will not be switching partners with anyone else and you will stay at least 6 feet from other couples.

If you don't have a partner, don't worry! We are still offering a number of No Contact classes to focus on your footwork and other aspects of the dance.
Click here for a PDF of our calendar.
Volunteers Needed
We are once again looking for volunteers to work the front desk. We'd love to find someone who could work Tuesday evenings, but any availability Tuesday - Friday would be greatly appreciated.

Duties include checking students in for classes, answering the phone, and light cleaning.

Typical hours are from 5:30pm - 8:30pm, depending on the class schedule. And in exchange for volunteering your time, you'll receive free group classes!

Email info@theballroomofreno.org to sign-up!
Nonprofit Corner
Let's PARTY!
We can't thank everyone enough for all of the support you have provided during this difficult time. You really have made a huge difference in keeping the dance community going.

We'd like to show our sincere gratitude by hosting a party as soon as restrictions allow, complete with dancing, treats, and something to toast with. Although we can't do this at the moment, we hope that everyone will look forward to a time when we can make this happen.

And until then, we will continue to appreciate any and all contributions made to our studio.
Instructor Spotlight
Gerzon Chaves
Gerzon comes to us from Costa Rica and is bilingual in Spanish and English. Although you may have heard him use Spanish words and phrases during some of his classes, he has primarily taught in English. However, starting this month (and continuing throughout the year) he will be offering some of his classes with predominantly Spanish instruction.

While you do not need to speak Spanish to attend one of these classes, we will always clearly mark them on our calendar. Just let Gerzon or the front desk staff know you would like the lesson translated and he will gladly provide instruction in both languages. ¡Feliz baile!