A Note from Your VCNP President
Happy New Year! As of January 1, it is illegal to hold a handheld personal communications device (i.e. cell phone) while driving a moving motor vehicle in Virginia. This includes holding your phone to look at a map. Please be sure you have a phone holder or know how to use your vehicle’s Bluetooth system before you hit the road.
Register for Jan. 6 VCNP virtual Town Halls
Want to learn more about VCNP’s 2021 legislation, HB 1737, and how you can help advance NP practice in Virginia? VCNP will host two 30-minute virtual Town Halls on Wednesday, Jan. 6 at 12:30 pm OR 8 pm. Del. Dawn Adams, patron of our bill, will join us live for the 12:30 pm meeting. Her remarks will be recorded and shared during the 8 pm call and/or in a follow up email to members. The program is free for members and non-members.
Legislator Tele-Town Halls
Prior to and during the General Assembly session, many legislators will host their own virtual town halls. We will share these details as they are available and encourage you to let us know if you learn about the meetings first. This is a great opportunity to ask your legislators for their support and educate other constituents about the importance of passing HB 1737.
Ask your legislators to support VCNP’s 2021 legislation
HB 1737 reduces from five to two the number of years of clinical experience an NP must have to be eligible to practice without a written or electronic practice agreement.
Please reach out to your legislators now, and ask them to support HB 1737. The session begins January 13 and may last only 30 days so we need to act now! Additional talking points about HB 1737 are available by selecting the link below.
Additional healthcare-related legislation
In addition to HB 1737, the Virginia Nurses Association is following other bills related to nursing and healthcare during the 2021 General Assembly session. Bills include funding for the Virginia Preceptor Incentive Program, COVID-19 presumption for healthcare workers, registered nurses in public schools and prescriptive authority for clinical nurse specialists.
COVID updates from the VDH
Last week the VDH shared important updates about the COVID-19 vaccine and pregnancy, a new COVID dashboard with vaccine information, COVID vaccine provider resources, the new UK variant in the U.S., and COVIDWISE, Virginia’s exposure notification app that communicates with apps in Washington, D.C. and 16 other states.
Share your COVID vaccine photos
Many NPs have already rolled up their sleeves to get the COVID vaccine. We’d like to share photos of these momentous occasions so please share your pictures with us for use in future VCNP communications.
Volunteer opportunities for NPs
Do you know of volunteer opportunities for NPs? We know the Virginia Association of Free and Charitable Clinics needs volunteers, and we’ve heard some of the local Departments of Health are looking for assistance. We’d like to compile a list of other temporary and long-term opportunities, including ways to assist with the COVID vaccine distribution. If you have your autonomous practice license, you are able to volunteer without a practice agreement. Please send volunteer opportunities to [email protected] to be shared in future member communications.
Apply for autonomous practice 
Even if autonomous practice won’t help in your current job, legislators will be looking at these numbers as they consider future legislation. Please submit your application and show your support for Virginia’s NPs. As of December 7, there were 1,088 NPs with autonomous practice licenses in Virginia. If you have questions or need assistance with the application process, contact VCNP. staff.
Share your autonomous practice stories
Have you received your autonomous practice license? Have you been able to practice under the temporary 2-year regulations during the state of emergency? We need your stories! Let us know why you applied, how autonomous practice is impacting your practice and why you think it’s important for other NPs to apply. Send your stories – and a photo if you have one.
Make your voice heard – donate to VCNP’s PAC
In recent years we’ve benefitted from HB 793, HB 1640 and EO 57, legislation advancing the role of NPs in Virginia – and in 2021 we’re introducing HB 1737. To ensure Virginia’s legislators continue hearing from NPs, please consider making a one-time or recurring monthly donation to VCNP’s PAC.
Thank you for your ongoing dedication to your patients and the NP profession. Please let me know how VCNP can continue to be a resource for you.
Becky Compton, DNP, RN, FNP-BC
President, VCNP Board of Directors