A Note from Your VCNP President
Mark your calendar for Tuesday, August 3 from 6-7 pm for an exclusive online conversation with Dr. Anthony Fauci and other panelists including Dr. Danny Avula and Dr. Norman Oliver who will discuss vaccine hesitancy and help healthcare providers educate patients about COVID-19 vaccines. Registration is required for this free webinar coordinated by the Virginia Department of Health.
Have you applied for autonomous practice?
Have you applied for or received your autonomous practice license? As of July 1, all NPs in Virginia must have a practice agreement or autonomous practice licensure. Let others know why you applied, how autonomous licensure will impact your practice and why you think it’s important for other NPs to apply. Send your stories – and a photo - to [email protected] for use in future VCNP communications.
You’re eligible to apply if you have at least two years of clinical experience (equivalent to 3,600 hours). Note that you will not receive an email when your license is approved. To check the status of your application, log in to your online account about 4-6 weeks after submission. You will not receive a new license until your next license renewal.
VCNP urges Virginians to get vaccinated
With COVID cases and hospitalizations rising, VCNP has joined with more than two dozen Virginia health care organizations to issue a joint statement strongly encouraging unvaccinated Virginians to get vaccinated.
As of July 22, more than 4.5 million Virginians had been fully vaccinated, and more than 5 million Virginians had received one dose. Please encourage your patients, family and friends to use Virginia’s centralized system to preregister for free COVID-19 vaccines – online at vaccinate.virginia.gov or by phone at 877-VAX-INVA (829-4682). 
Start the PAC year off with a bang
The new PAC fiscal year began on July 1. Start the year off with a BANG and sign up for monthly donations, which can start at $5/month and be automatically deducted from your account. One-time donations are welcome too!
Thanks to Carola Bruflat (NOVA), Laurie Buchwald (Blue Ridge), Maribeth Capuno (Blue Ridge), Christine Daley (Peninsula), Michelle Hayes (Richmond), Brenda Kozak (Lynchburg), Helen Willis (Richmond) and Val Wrobel (NOVA) for their recent donations.
VCNP uses these funds to support members of the insurance and health committees in Virginia’s Senate and House of Delegates. Donate at www.vcnp.net/pac.
School mask guidance released
Earlier this week, Virginia’s Health and Education departments released guidance urging all elementary school students and staff to wear masks in schools, regardless of vaccination status, until vaccines are available to children under age 12. The guidance does not mandate face coverings for public school students and is more lenient for middle and high school students although it does suggest requiring masks for unvaccinated older students. It allows each school division to set its own guidelines and suggests that schools consider universal mask-wearing if spread in school becomes severe or community transmission of a certain variant that spreads more easily among children begins to increase.
This guidance is different from the American Academy of Pediatrics, which recently released guidance urging everyone to wear masks in schools regardless of vaccination status during the delta variant spread.
Apply for VCNP doctoral scholarship
Applications are being accepted for VCNP’s annual NP doctoral scholarship. If you’re enrolled in a DNP or PhD program, apply by September 1.
Coming soon: nominations for VCNP state elections
Beginning September 1, VCNP members will be able to nominate candidates for state positions of president-elect, secretary and treasurer. If you or someone you know may be interested in one of these roles or would like more information about the positions, log in to your vcnp.net member account and go to Our Association-Bylaws & Policies – VCNP Policies & Procedures. Many regions also will be holding elections this fall so contact your regional leadership to learn about open positions.
Summer newsletter correction
In VCNP’s summer newsletter, we incorrectly listed Crystal Allen as the president of the Tidewater region. Alysia Pack is the president of the Tidewater region. Our apologies for the error.
With COVID cases rising again, I know you may be feeling the effects of the last 16 months. Be sure to make time to relax and recharge, and allow VCNP to support your professional needs. Thank you for your commitment to your patients and our profession, and please let me know how VCNP can be a resource for you.
Becky Compton, DNP, RN, FNP-BC
President, VCNP Board of Directors