June 5, 2020
A Message from Jean Born
Dear Families,

Many thanks to our school district employees and families for supporting our students as we close out our school year. While we are not sure how the school year will start, we have been directed by the Department of Public Instruction (DPI) to prepare three possible plans: one for back to school face-to-face, a second plan one for virtual learning, and the third plan for a blend of these two.  
Your recent feedback on the Virtual Learning survey will help us improve our virtual presence should we have a need to go back to online learning at the beginning of the year or at any point in the school year. Our administrative team, our School Nurses, and Annalee Bennin (who will be starting officially as the new Superintendent on July 1) have already begun working on the three plans. As more direction comes from DPI and the Health Department, we will be able to confirm our planning and begin to share with families.  
The choices the administration makes over the next few weeks and months are completely uncharted territory for them. As the plans for fall begin to be communicated please show them grace, have empathy, stay positive and know that your children are at the center of their decisions.
As I end my career with the district, I want to thank you for your commitment to your children’s ongoing education. It has been a pleasure serving this district for the past 30 years and I am excited to see what comes next for the School District of Sheboygan Falls.

Jean Born
July 30 Registration Update
The previously scheduled 4K-12 in-person registration on July 30 has been cancelled. Our registration will be completely online and school photos will be taken when we return to school.  

We will continue to use On-Line Registration (OLR) through our student software program Infinite Campus for our 2020-2021 school year registration process. This will allow you to complete most of the registration process online.

Additional information about OLR will be emailed to parent on July 8 when the OLR window opens in Infinite Campus.
Videos from our Staff
Our staff have created a video to replace our last-day-of-school tradition of waving goodbye to our elementary and middle school students. Though not the way we wanted to end our last day of school, we appreciate their creative approach!

Words of Wisdom for the Class of 2020
from staff from all three buildings.
Student Supply Pick-up

If you were unable to pick up supplies, you may retrieve them when we return to school, as our offices will be closed to visitors during June and July. 

Any library books, textbooks, calculators, or other school-issued materials not turned in will show as a fine in Infinite Campus when you register your child this summer. 
Resources for Families

We know the events following the death of Mr. George Floyd in Minneapolis are shocking. Many of our students most likely have seen the video of Mr. Floyd’s death, and the images of protests turned violent and destructive. 

Like all of us, your children may be sad and angry, and trying to make sense of the senseless events. The grief and emotions families are experiencing are compounded by the life-changing effects of COVID-19. There are no easy answers. However we remain committed to supporting students and families as we try to understand how these tragedies continue to happen.

We know many of you are overwhelmed right now as we close out the school year. The challenges of these last few months can seem unbearable at times. Please know you are not alone. To help make sense of what you are experiencing right now, please consider the following supports for students and families.

Free Meals for Children Under 18

Meal Distribution will be changed to Tuesdays & Thursdays for June 9 - 30 . There will be three meals in each bag out instead of two. We ask that you please complete the survey that will cover two weeks at a time. 

Survey for June 9, 11, 16, and 18 is linked here. 

A new survey will be sent in two weeks.

We are uncertain if we are able to offer meals in July and August, but will inform families as soon as we know more.

Information about Summer Opportunities

Library summer reading program
The Sheboygan Falls Memorial Library is still having a summer reading program.
This year the library is offering 2 options. Families can pick up a bag which includes: a pencil, a bookmark, bingo sheet, several coloring sheets, and registration form (to be returned to the library). The other option is online through Beanstack.
The staff has been working to continue to offer curbside pick up and is hoping to open back up soon. Please check Sheboygan Falls Memorial Library Facebook page and website for updates.

YMCA Soccer Registration
Our partners at the YMCA have asked to share soccer registration information.
Click below to learn more.