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Important updates for Denver's temporary outdoor dining spaces

outdoor dining in the public right of way along Tennyson St

During the pandemic, the city took extraordinary measures to make it easier for restaurants and bars to expand operations outside. This included providing relief from some city regulations that address patios, such as zoning and rules for private use of the public right-of-way.

That temporary program ends on October 31, 2022, after which the city will no longer accept new applications for temporary outdoor expansion areas.

What's next?

Temporary patios in good standing as of October 31, 2022, (meaning renewals are on time and the patios are meeting the requirements of their permit) will be allowed to remain into 2023 while the permanent Outdoor Places Program is developed.

You are receiving this email because you currently have - or have recently held - an active permit for a temporary outdoor expansion area or you have expressed interest in helping develop the permanent program.

Man walking down sidewalk next to restaurant patios

Keeping your patio in place beyond October 2022

Already have an approved patio in the temporary program? Depending on patio location, these may now remain in place through either April or December 2023. Draft rules and applications for a permanent program are in development, and may ultimately differ from the temporary program. 

View expiration dates based on patio location
Glenarm Patio

Add a new temporary outdoor space this summer

Learn more about the temporary outdoor dining program (May 2020 - October 2022) and apply for a summer patio before the temporary program stops taking new applications.

Apply for a temporary patio permit
Raised tables and umbrellas adjacent to a public sidewalk

Help create the permanent Outdoor Places Program

The driving objective is to facilitate safe, well designed, privately maintained outdoor spaces that enhance the public realm for everyone. Through appropriate safety and mobility guidelines and a coordinated permit process, the Outdoor Places Program will offer greater flexibility for unique and enjoyable outdoor activities. 

Learn more

Changing your floor plan?

Please be aware that any liquor-licensed premise modifying an existing floor plan must submit a "modification of premises" application with the Department of Excise and Licenses. There are two types of modification of premises: temporary and permanent. The expiration date for a temporary modification of premises will vary and is tied to the date the liquor license expires. Instructions on how to submit an application, required documents, inspections, and fees are available on the modification of premises webpage below. 

Modification of premises

Thank you for reading! Visit us online at or Outdoor Places Program.

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