April 1, 2020
An Update on Virtual Learning
The District would like to thank families for supporting students and teachers in their virtual learning efforts.  

We are mindful that with the school closure and the Governor’s new order to Stay Safe at Home until April 24, students and their families’ day-to-day schedule will look different than when they are in school. We also recognize there will be transitional learning time for you as you navigate the online platform and adjust to virtual learning. You can expect about 60 minutes (elementary), 120 minutes (middle) or 180 minutes (high) of time online as well as possible follow-up work per class each day with work completion that may extend over multiple days.

Teachers, counselors, and administrators are aware that there are many changes occurring that are disruptive all of our lives. Please remember that everyone is here to support students. Do not hesitate to reach out to school staff via email. You can find our staff directory on our website or by clicking here .

Virtual Learning Attendance

Our first four days of virtual learning showed an average attendance rate of 71%. It should be noted that a ttendance was determined by the number of students logging into Classlink on their Chromebooks to access the apps needed to complete classwork.  

Our goal is to have the attendance rate exceed 80% each day. We realize that meeting this rate is going to require our staff and our families to communicate clearly. If you or your child need assistance with a Chromebook issue, have homework questions, or have Internet connection issues, please let your child’s teacher or principal know via email. Our staff is committed to troubleshooting concerns and communicating to families if students are not engaging in virtual learning.

Sporadic issues regarding Canvas were reported today, and tips on clearing your browser cache are located on our website .

Expectations for Virtual Learning grades 1-12

  • Use Classlink to access Canvas and other learning apps in order to help us track attendance.
  • Check daily posts in Canvas from your teachers.
  • Establish a good work space at home (Separate space, clean and organized, have all the tools/items you need, distractions set aside, etc.)
  • Your teacher may be including videos, notes, & slide decks of materials to help you learn the content:
  • Written assignments, online quizzes, reading, or other work to be completed mostly independently.
  • Videos or screencasts may be posted of presentations, explanations, etc.
  • Students may be asked to record themselves -- for language, talking through math problems, reading for fluency and comprehension, doing physical activity, music lessons, art projects, etc.
  • You will be using features in Canvas that you are familiar with such as modules, assignments, & quizzes.
  • You will also be using additional features linked on the main course navigation that are useful in an online learning environment such as chat, collaborations and additional use of the Calendar.
  • Please reach out to your teachers, counselors, principals/associate principals should you need extra support with your academics, workload or need to connect with an adult. Find our staff directory online here.
  • Remember that Chromebook use is being monitored by the Tech Team. We have had a few incidents at each building for our principals to deal with where students were not being appropriate with their Chromebooks. All keystrokes and websites are monitored while students are logged onto their district issued devices.  The District's Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) still applies and we ask that you please remind your child(ren) of this.

Note : Teachers in early childhood, 4K and 5K sent work home with students and are currently developing additional learning activities. Parents of these students are encouraged to check Canvas. Helpful directions on using Canvas as an observer can be found below and on our website.
Free Meals for ALL Children Under 18
Meals for children are available for pickup on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (with the exception of Friday, April 10) behind the middle school in the bus parking lot.
UPDATED distribution time is 10 am until noon.

A survey was sent to all families in Infinite Campus to help us plan for the number of meals to prepare. Please take the time to complete this if you have not done so already.

USDA has changed the guidelines a bit, in that children do not need to ride along in the car with parent to receive a meal. Parents/Guardians are to share the school name where each child attends that they are requesting meals for, if the children are of school age. 

Please do not get out of your car when you come for meal pickup.

Learn more by watching our video and reading the Department of Public Instruction information.

Questions? Please email Food Service Director Amy Lawrenz or PM us on our Facebook page .

Third Quarter Report Cards
Due to the abrupt ending of quarter three, teachers are still working to close out their third quarter grade books. We ask parents to be patient as teachers collect missing work from students and update their Infinite Campus gradebook. Once report cards are complete, parents will receive a message in Infinite Campus Parent Portal.
Talking with your Children

Messages for parents, school staff, and others working with children from CDC

As public conversations around coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) increase, children may worry about themselves, their family, and friends getting ill with COVID-19. Parents, family members, school staff, and other trusted adults can play an important role in helping children make sense of what they hear in a way that is honest, accurate, and minimizes anxiety or fear. CDC has created guidance to help adults have conversations with children about COVID-19 and ways they can avoid getting and spreading the disease.

Contact information for our School Counselors:

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Contact information for our School Psychologists:

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