The Creative Chronicle | August 2016

We all like to stay in a comfort zone where we can be productive, but sometimes we can be losing that creative edge that our competition seems to have. One way to improve your creativity is to change the way you work or the tools you use. Check out this issue of the Creative Chronicle and find out how that worked for me.

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Improve your Creativity by Changing Your Process

As a professional artist it is important to know the tools you use on a regular basis and understand the time and process involved to complete projects having your desired result. Once an artist finds their groove that usually is what makes the money for their business. During the hobby stage of your artistic endeavors it usually pays to try different techniques and processes, however that can create stress as a professional and may even begin to stifle your creativity. Many times when you change your process it takes you back to the learning stage. If you are trying to complete client projects going back to the learning stage with your tools can be a daunting task. The problem is if you don't change the way you work you may be holding yourself back.

I recently went through this when moving my drawing process to digital. I have been colouring my cartoons on the computer for many years, but still drew on paper. As clients began to request more details, changes, and additional items it became harder and harder to produce those types of images in traditional media. I began to search over the years for equipment that would simplify my process, yet be cost effective. I was constantly disappointed with what I saw on the market. Then Apple created the iPad Pro and it has been the light in the tunnel I had been looking for. It gave me the portability I was looking for, the output requirements I required, and most importantly the feel for drawing that I was used to. Since incorporating this into my artistic process I have stopped using traditional paper for most of my projects. I had to change my process a little bit but that also helped in allowing me to improve my creativity.


Now I am not suggesting that you go out and buy expensive equipment. The idea is looking at your process and finding ways to improve your creativity while still using familiar ways of working. What if you tried a new brush with your art, switched from one medium to another, or changed your subject matter? Just like a change from your job in the form of a vacation, changing your technique or process can give you a new interest in your craft. Take time to experiment and you may be improving your creativity and your future at the same time.

Wherever you are in your creative pursuits it pays to keep an eye on how technology is improving your creative craft. Is it making your process easier? Is it giving you more options to improve the client experience? Will that new technology jump start your creativity by being able to implement ideas that were not possible a short time ago. Simple things like adding a logo to a picture is very easy with digital media but means redrawing the image in traditional media. Don't be afraid to try new things, it may just be the jump art you need to be more creative.

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