March 2019 Small Bites
Workshop Helps Suppliers Improve Store & Distributor Relations
Producers across categories came to Middlebury to learn about the on-boarding process at stores and through distributors.

Seth Walker of Healthy Living Market in Burlington gave insights on their drive to build relationships with its local suppliers. Their goal is for all to be efficient, transparent and successful!

Dan Reilly of Equinox Food Brokers led the charge to help emerging brands find new markets through the use of brokers. Dan focuses on expanding Vermont brands into regional markets. He is on the road working with distributors and food manufacturers throughout the northeast. Farm to Plate was on hand to help facilitate discussion among the many businesses and share resources designed for buyers to on-board local products.

Everyone benefits when there is clarity and understanding how best to grow local and regional distribution. The winter workshop proved very valuable to producers. Look for more throughout Vermont in 2019 & 2020.
Increase margin:
~Be accurate when receiving product
~Review invoiced prices & compare with quoted prices
~Educate staff on produce items & PLU's
~Conduct periodic price scans
~Update POS systems with "missed-scanned items"
~Train staff on product handling to minimize waste

Let Farm to Plate help increase your margins with hands-on display and merchandising exercises for your team. Contact us for in-store support
Learn about The Real Organic Project, it's all about feeding the soil, feeding the planet with scales of production designed to be healthier for plants, animals and people and planet. Check it out.
Maple Season is upon us. Longer, sunnier days means the trees are moving sap.

Tap into sales with seasonal maple displays. Inform customers about the range of flavors and applications with sample tastings of various grades and by bundling products that can be cooked together. Use the fantastic resources of Harvest of the Month to promote maple

Feature maple with pancake mixes and bacon or go to the savory side with maple based BBQ sauces and select cuts of Vermont meats. Maple is a fantastic baking ingredient consider making a creative display to entice your bakers- both in-store and customers
Did you know? Vermont produces excellent goat meat, available through Vermont Chevon . It is admired for its light earthy flavor, somewhat similar to lamb. It makes a fabulous roast, stew or chili. Pete's Green's in Waterbury stocks it regularly, perhaps it is for your customers too!

Keeping meat organized can be a challenge at some stores, here at Craftsbury General Store they organize their reach-in for easy rotation, stocking and sales.
Remember.... treat your drivers well! They can help you in a crunch whether you run a large multi-store operation, or are a "Mom & Pop" shop
Tip: Meet with local produce suppliers before the busy season to best plan for future sales! Promote these vendors as Rooted in Vermont
Let us help you train your staff at no charge to you!
Check out Take 5 ; our series of twelve 5-7 minute clips.

Funding support provided by Jane’s Trust, High Meadows Fund & USDA