FaciliWorks Express Newsletter - July 2020
Are you using automatic emails yet?
Use this feature to improve accountability and compliance. Check out the Tech Tip below.
FaciliWorks web training allows you to participate from the comfort of your own home or office and you can fully interact with your skilled trainer.
Complete all four sessions in the suite to receive a certificate of completion and you’ll be using FaciliWorks like a pro. Click the training link for full information.

Web Training
July Suite (3 sessions remain)

See the full training schedule here.

To register for any of these sessions or for info about custom training options, please contact our Training Specialist at 1-800-776-3090 ext. 134 or training@cybermetrics.com.
Industry News
COVID-19's Impact on Maintenance Management

Maintenance management is a process of maintaining a company’s assets and resources by ensuring the efficiency of production and the effective use of resources. It involves the formulation and implementation of maintenance strategies. These strategies are to ensure that resources are used efficiently and production runs smoothly, thereby making it a valuable component to business operations. A custom combination of best practices, personnel and software, in general, makes for a good maintenance strategy. But what is considered “a good strategy,” and how would that fare in the face of COVID-19?

Read the full story here.
Tech Tip
Automatic Emails in FaciliWorks 8i

One of the great new features in the latest release of FaciliWorks 8i is enhanced automatic email capabilities.
Email options in Admin Settings have been updated with more robust configuration options, allowing you to define email recipients by criteria such as Asset Group or by Staff ID assignment to a WO/PM. The new workflow-type email triggers can be used to create email rules providing complete email communication (reminders and alerts) between FaciliWorks events and users.

Automated email communication of this depth throughout your organization will improve accountability and compliance, maximize productivity and allow better tracking of work to be done.

Click here for detailed instructions on how to use this new email functionality.

We encourage you to explore the additional capabilities of your FaciliWorks software and as always, keep an eye out for future Tech Tips.
Referral Rewards
Have you started earning referral rewards yet? You can refer anyone to us to earn rewards – even your in-house quality and maintenance teams. For each referral you make, you’ll receive a $100 reward in the form of a Visa gift card (or if you are unable to accept such gifts, you may choose a discount on a future purchase with us). Click here for further details and start earning today!