Create a winning sales pitch! 
Today's audience is much harder to please. With all the noise, it's easy for your audience to lose their focus. The solution is to create a winning sales pitch that tells your story, and why they need to pay attention to you. 

In this episode of 5 Tips Tuesday, we let you in on how to improve your pitches and how you could create a better connection with your audience through storytelling. 

1. Inspiration
 --- Brothers Danny and Mike Giovale went on a trip that would forever change their lives. While hiking up the rigorious Italian Dolomites, Danny slipped and almost lost his life. This near death experience led him and his brother to develop lightweight, flexible crampons that would help save hikers' lives, which they called Kahtoola, which means "directly". Check out their story here.  

2. Learning Tools --- Emails are undeniably one of the best communication tools for business. Hubspot Blogs lists five apps that will help you create better emails and help you connect with your target audience. This list includes apps that will help you choose the right terms to help send your message to your target niche. Check it here

3. Must Reads--- Don't have time to pick up books to read? Here are seven eBooks you can save to your device and read while on the go. From improving your sales pitch to thinking like a customer, these e-books from different Sales Leaders will definitely get you ideas on how to improve your sales stratergies. Check it out here

4. Startup Tips --- Creating a winning pitch to encourage investors for your startup can sometimes be nerve wracking. Here are the best practical advice from Andrea Barrica, a venture partner & EIR at 500 Startups, on how to make an unforgettable pitch and help get investors interested in what you have to offer. Read on here

5. Productivity --- We're always on a look out for apps that make our business better. Here now are five of the best mobile apps to help you run your business smoothly. Keep track of your tabs and receipts, schedule meetings and make sure you get everything done on your checklist. Find out more here

Got more to add to our list? We'd love to hear from you.

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