Volume 1 / Issue 7
July 2020
News & Updates
What is the maximum number of bids (counting passes) possible to end up in a contract of 1D?
1) Ten
2) Twelve
3) Sixteen
See answer at the bottom of this newsletter
“If you want to grow as a bridge player, a huge part of the process will be the experience of playing bridge. “
July Is Defense Month
Using A New Online Teaching Platform
Introduction to Defense

The Bridge Academy is now using a new state-of-the-art online teaching platform. Using this exciting platform, we will be offering a four-week course on Defense to advancing beginners and intermediate players.

  • Opening leads - Tuesday, July 14 7- 9:00 PM
  • Planning the defense - Tuesday, July 21, 7- 9:00 PM
  • Second and third hand defense - Tuesday, July 28, 7- 9:00 PM
  • Defensive signals - Tuesday, August 4, from 7- 9:00 pm

Each webinar consists of a virtual classroom presentation on Zoom and playing practice hands on this new user-friendly online teaching platform.

You can sign-up for individual webinars or all four and save.
Want To Improve Your Bridge?
Join Our New Virtual Edu-Duplicate Games (EDG)
Play, Learn & Win Master Points - A New Twist!

Starting July 7, we are offering Edu-Duplicate games. It's a new type of a Barometer game combining a mini-lesson, playing six boards, and a Zoom discussion after each round.

These are ACBL sanctioned games offering 0.6 MP for the wining pair. BBO requires 3 tables to run the game.

How does it work?

  1. First, RSVP by sending an email to rsvp@bridgeacademync.com to receive the zoom URL. Please include the date of the weekly game you are planning to play in your email.
  2. Register for the game on BBO at 9:00 am, mini-lesson at 9:15 am, with game starting at 10:00 am.
  3. Join the mini-lesson by clicking the Zoom URL you received either by email or in the BBO chat box after you register
  4. Return to BBO to play round 1of 3.
  5. After each round, return to the Zoom virtual classroom to discuss two boards.
  6. Return to BBO to play round 2 and repeat the same steps after each round. If you are disconnected from BBO when you click on the Zoom link, you will be automatically re-seated when you log back in.

Tip: Use Chrome and if you have a problem navigating between two tabs, I recommend using two devices one for BBO and the other for Zoom.

When is it offered?
Tuesdays at 10:00 am
Haven't Tried Playing Online Yet?
If a 101 years young can learn to play online, so can you!

Reconnect with your bridge partners and friends. Its fun and easy, and uses up some of that boring and stressful quarantine time.

To play in TBA virtual games, you need to be a BBO member, have played at TBA at least once in the past year, play as a guest of a member player, or have played in any of the area clubs in Cary and Raleigh.

You can also invite a guest but must contact Henry at info@bridgeacademync.com
In bridge parlance, what is a “Hook”?
1) A finesse
2) Rescuing partner from a doubled contract
3) Dropping a singleton king offside.

See answer at the bottom of this newsletter
Bridge Consult
"The average player probably makes about one hundred errors in the bidding and play during an afternoon of bridge. Fortunately for his or her self-esteem, he or she will recognize only ten percent of them.”
Dorothy Truscott  

The first step in improving your game is to recognize your mistakes and avoid propagating bad habits. Starting the week of July 6, you can schedule a bridge consult to go over the boards you played. Ideally, you would do it with your partner but could opt do it alone.

Contact Henry at info@bridgeacademync.com to schedule a 1 hour session. The cost is $40/pair or $30 for an individual session.
ACBL Warning!
 No phone, texting or online chatting with partner during online games. BBO and The Common Game run vigorous background algorithms to detect unusual bids and plays. Banning, the consequence, is not worth it.
Game Schedule & Etiquette
Online Etiquette
  • Make sure the chat area is visible at the bottom of your screen to read messages from players and Tournament Director (TD).
  • Use chat to welcome opponents to your table. 
  • Introduce yourself and partner and wish them luck (if you mean it!).
  • Complement opponents with a “wdo” (well done opponents)
  •  Be sure to thank them when they complement you.
  • Complement your partner "wdp"
  • Remember no gloating especially when the defense made a mistake.
  • Alert and explain your own bids
  • You must explain your bid when asked, don't say Jacoby 2NT, explain what it means.
  • Remember, treat others as you like to be treated.
12:30 pm Open Pairs
1:30 pm 0-750 Limited Gam e

9:00 am registration
9:15 am Zoom mini-lesson
10:00 am Play & Learn 0-100
3:30 pm 0-750 Limited Game

10:30 am 0-100 Limited Game
12:30 pm Open Pairs
1:30 pm 0-750 Limited Game

3:30 pm 0-750 Limited Game

10:30 am 0-100 Limited Game
12:30 pm Open Pairs
1:30 pm 0-750 Limited Game

1:30 pm 0-500 Limited Game

Answers: 16 bids, A finesse
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