Gratitude can change the way you handle and look at money! November 2016 Newsletter
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"Money is a tool. Used property, it makes something beautiful - used wrong, it makes a mess!" 

Spend - and save - smart this holiday season: Tips for surviving the pressure to shop

The holiday season is up and running, but that doesn't mean your wallet needs to be out  and open everywhere you go in December. Take a look at this tips to keep you out of debt as we end 2017. 

2018 and 2017 year date handwritten on the beach. New Year 2018 replacing Old Year 2017 being washed away by sea wave
Saving money in 2018: A New Year's resolution you'll  complete!

It's time to make those New Year's resolutions! Make sure increasing your savings is at the top of your list. With these simple suggestions, you'll see your savings account grow throughout 2018.

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Don't let the dollars fly away: Better spending habits for today and tomorrow

Have a had time saving money? You're not alone. These tips will help you improve your spending habits maybe help put a little extra in your savings.
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You don't have to improve your finances on your own;
Fair Credit is here to help

Happy holidays and here's wishing you and your families and a safe and fruitful New Year!

You've made the decision to improve your finances. Congratulations!

Although you may feel you have to do this hard work on your own, know that the staff at Fair Credit is available to help you move along your path to financial success.

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