Monday Meeting, January 25, 2021
11:30 AM Breakout |Noon Meeting
Improving Electric Reliability on Bainbridge Island

Guest Speaker

Andy Wappler

Vice President, Customer Operations & Communications
Puget Sound Energy

Andy will walk us through what PSE’s plans are in the next several years to address reliability challenges on Bainbridge Island. He’ll also talk about how each of us can prepare for at-home emergencies and what PSE is doing to help increase the resiliency of the emergency planning infrastructure.

Andy is a meteorologist….so his job at PSE combines his interest in the weather with what goes on with the power grid. He leads PSE’s customer service, customer engagement, communications, community engagement, and strategic business intelligence teams. His groups are charged with coordinating customer/community outreach, enhancing our data capability, developing our customer service platform, and generating internal customer communications.

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Pre-Session Breakout

Our pre-meeting breakouts this Monday will definitely be fun….and you’ll learn more about your fellow Rotarians!

Each person must think of 4 statements about themselves - three are true and one is a lie. The group must then figure out which statement is the lie.

No bad karma here…you can lie without guilt.
All Things COVID

You won’t want to miss our Club evening meeting on February 1st. It will feature expert presentations from renowned BI Rotarians and discussions of all things COVID. 

It will feature:

Anne LeSage, the Emergency Management Coordinator for the City Of Bainbridge Island, talking with us about the vaccine rollout.

Dr. Ann Marie Kimball, formerly of the Gates Foundation, reviewing the global epidemiology of COVID-19.

Dirk Smith, biotherapeutics expert and co-founder of Cascadia Drug Development Group, discussing COVID treatments.

Until then here are some links on vaccine information and COVID protection:

Finding Solutions to Support Childcare

The pandemic has wreaked havoc on childcare. Working parents, especially low-income families, have found it increasingly difficult to afford daycare for their children. And many childcare providers are finding it ever harder to sustain operations with diminishing enrollment and the cost of new safety procedures.

Our Club has stepped up to help. The COVID Committee has allocated $45,000 ($15,000 each to three different organizations) to support childcare scholarships on Bainbridge Island.

The organizations selected are Peacock Family Services, Bainbridge Island Child Care Centers, and the Boy & Girls Club of Bainbridge Island. Those most in need are selected in partnership by these organizations and Helpline House Social Services. They will be able to receive “scholarships” (fees for child care).


Here’s a shout out to all the Rotarians who participated in the
Martin Luther King Day Virtual Walk.

2021 Rotary Club of Bainbridge Island Scholarships

Do you know any high school seniors who volunteer and who plan to further their education? If so, you can do their families a favor by telling them about Rotary’s Community Service Recognition Scholarships.  

These scholarships reward a consistent pattern of service over time that required leadership and initiative. Eligible institutions may include 4-year colleges/universities, community colleges, or technical/vocational programs. We award about 10 scholarships each year.

 Completed applications are due on March 8, 2021.
Identify a Candidate for RYLA

Each year our club has the opportunity to identify candidates for Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA). This is an intensive leadership experience organized by each Rotary District. 

Targeted to high school juniors or seniors, the program’s goal is to:

  • Build communication and problem-solving skills.
  • Discover strategies for becoming a dynamic leader in your school or community.
  • Learn from community leaders, inspirational speakers, and peer mentors.

This year's virtual program runs from February 28th through March 28th. If you would like to put forth a candidate or learn more about the program contact Jim Morss at

Check out this video from a RYLA student. (Copy and paste this link into your browser)

Join a Committee

Would you like to contribute further to Rotary by serving on a committee? Whatever your passions are, you can support Rotary and support our island community by participating in a committee.

Contact the Chairperson and let them know you want to join or sit in on a meeting. We have over 30. If one doesnt fit for you, then try another. 

Committees with current needs include:
  • Helping Hands (Dave Christensen)
  • Essential Services Award Committee (Roan Blacker)
  • Rotarians that Care (Vicki Browning)
  • Fellowship (Heather Church)
  • Program (Fred Hoffer/Flo Klein)
  • Club Development (Terry Kerby/Robin Goldston)
  • World Community Service (Ann Marie Kimball)
  • Career & Technical Education (Donald Schenk)

Click here for the complete Committee List and contact information.

Trevor Ross and Bob Yager help an aged island resident repair her bannister.

Do what Hank says!

Colleen Mriglot gives her classification talk at our last Zoom Meeting. She's a lawyer.

Al Quan receives his Paul Harris + 3 Award from Joanne Croghan

Bainbridge Island Police Chief Joe Clarke giving us his classification talk.

Jack Sutherland receives his Paul Harris +7 award.

Thank you Tom Lindsley and Jim Laws! Tom, shown here answering everyone's questions along with Jim were able to get over 60 Rotarians to volunteer with the Island vaccine rollout.