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Modular Instrument Cases 

Check out our line of desktop instrument cases and desktop cabinets in various sizes.  

Improving Your Enclosure System While Reducing Costs


Whether its an instrument case, a subrack, or a backplane-based system platform, Pixus is able to offer the highest quality at very competitive prices.  We leverage Rittal high-quality European mechanical designs but without the European sticker shock.  Why should a hardware component be priced like a Coach bag?  Fair enough, we don't put diamond studs on our enclosures...but the quality is worth its weight in gold.     


With Pixus' electrical, cooling, and integration expertise, we can provide you with a superior solution that fits your budget requirements.  Although we will work diligently to save you money, our experienced team know the pitfalls to avoid and put quality first.  


If you want a little flair with your system (no, we are not talking anything as flamboyant as Donald Trump's hair -- we mean customization, aesthetic design, etc), we can do that too even in lower volumes. 

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OpenVPX System Platforms  




Pixus offers a full line of OpenVPX backplanes, chassis platforms, and integrated systems.   The chassis come in rugged/ATR and 19" rackmount  formats in various sizes.   Contact Pixus to discuss your application today. 


Component Corner
What's Going On With the Board Component Vendors? 
I'm not sure what is going on, but Pixus has been getting a lot of calls from frustrated customers (of our competitors mind you, of course not ours!) saying they no longer want to work with their current vendor. I remember when the main players for ejector panel/handles  and related hardware components had excellent quality, lead-times, and service. That has seemed to disappeared quicker than an email from a politician's server. 

I know that some of the vendors have shifted production to a lower skilled labor force (would it be politically incorrect to say they stink?) in order to reduce costs. The quality, consistency, and delivery times (to make up for all of the mistakes) have suffered. Others have focused more of their companies' time and resources into higher revenue products and integration services. Gone are many of the specialists who gave the board vendors their focused attention. The result is poor quality, late deliveries, more mistakes/incompetence, and poor service. 

Pixus has the advantage of being a bit smaller and "hungrier" (OK we are a little big-boned, but its NOT a disorder thank you very much!) , although with the ability to utilize the design and manufacturing prowess of Rittal and other key partners . This is a nice combination as you get the service of the "hungry guy" and the volumes, consistency, and quality of the behemoths. 

Its a bit sad to see how the hardware components for much of the industry have gone downhill. It doesn't help the overall brand of open standard embedded computing. But, there are still a few places where a board vendor's VPX/cPCI/VME64x components needs will get the attention and service they deserve (care to fetch a guess of where we mean?).