Medical Marijuana Control Program
Improving Licensee Resources
The MMCP continues to work to provide licensees with the tools to successfully comply with program standards and requirements. This newsletter is meant to be the source for all program updates, including detailing policy reminders and regulatory guidance. If key members of your facility are not receiving this newsletter, please encourage them to sign up here . It is important to note that when a compliance issue arises, we often ask if the licensee was receiving and reading the newsletter because it is the only regular source of compliance guidance for MMCP licensees. Furthermore, the MMCP monitors access to the newsletter and can identify if individuals are signed up, opening the newsletters, and clicking guidance documents.

The MMCP also utilizes the Licensee Resource page found here . Our goal is to update this resource and move more documents and information to the website to be an easily accessible tool for compliance questions. As we move forward with these updates, we want to understand what you would like to see on a licensee resource page. Please take a minute to review the provided resources on our website and send helpful input on how to improve to Sydney King at .

Strain Name Guidance
The MMCP requires all licensees to submit strain names to the Ohio Department of Commerce prior to requesting Product I.D. approval by the State of Ohio Board of Pharmacy. This document provides guidance on how to submit a strain name, the review process, and examples of prohibited names. For questions, please email
Streamlining Processes with e-Licensing
Advertising, Packaging, and Labeling Updates
The MMCP has provided a streamlined process to submit advertising, packaging, and labeling for review. We are grateful for your patience as we worked to update the e-Licensing system to allow for this new submission process.

  • The Ohio Department of Commerce requires licensees to upload advertising, packaging, labeling and strain name submissions into e-Licensing for approval. Please remember to let the licensing team know if you intend to use the Standard Label template ASAP.

  • Strain name applications must be submitted via e-Licensing effective immediately.

  • Be sure to review the advertising FAQ for helpful guidance on what is prohibited and permitted.

  • The advertising fee will be assessed at the time of submission.

Advertising and Packaging/Labeling Resources

Has Your Background Check Expired?
Background Checks Reminders: All employee badge applicants are required to complete BCI and FBI background checks. If you have previously sent BCI results to the Board of Pharmacy, you can request a copy of an Ohio Background Check form to be sent to the Ohio Department of Commerce because applicants can only select one address for the results to be sent.

To review the Ohio Attorney General form, please click here . Applicants can submit this form to BCI within 30 days of the fingerprints and request one free update of the Ohio result to the Ohio Department of Commerce.

  • If more than one update is needed, or if the form is received more than 30 days from the fingerprints being submitted, the fee is $8 for each form. Once the form is received at BCI, processing time is up to 30 days.

  • The FBI does not have a similar process for updates, so a new background check with fingerprints must be submitted for every FBI result.