BSB #88 Improving Lives & Saving Money

Leveraging the Profit Motive to Promote Health
by J. Morris Hicks

On 3-24-17, I posted BSB #86 entitled   Avoiding the Extinction of the Human Species. After posting that blog, I felt a little depressed for two reasons: 
  1. The likelihood of long-term human sustainability appears to be fading. 
  2. The content of that BSB might promote feelings of depression among my readers. 
So that got me to thinking; how could I bring back more joy to my work? And that led me to decide to shift the primary focus of my work to ARCH, where I believe that I can get more done. By shifting my focus, I think that I will be better equipped to make a positive difference in the lives of more individuals, while improving the bottom lines of many self-insured organizations. 

Click here for a one-page Introduction to ARCH, an acronym for "automatically reducing the cost of healthcare."

Just so you know, I have not abandoned my "big picture" efforts to help save our civilization, but just feel that I have done about all that I can do with regards to constantly blogging about the severity of the situation. 

Also, I was beginning to realize that the topic itself was too depressing for many people and I didn't feel that my never-ending "drumbeat" would enrich anyone's life. Ultimately, I concluded that to continue
to blog on that topic would serve no useful purpose for humankind or for the planet. 

Now for the Good News! Here's what can be accomplished if we successfully deploy  ARCH with lots of self-insured clients who wish to save money by truly promoting health throughout their workforce. We can:
  1. Help millions of individuals improve their own health while saving money at the same time.
  2. Help large organizations promote health among their employees and thereby become more profitable by lowering the cost of healthcare.
  3. Help J. Morris Hicks earn a living, something that "saving the planet" hasn't done very well.
Follow the Money. To tell the truth, I think ARCH might actually enable my work to be even more effective at helping to save our ecosystem than what I have been doing since 2003. Since we have a capitalistic society, I may as well try to leverage the business world's universal profit motive to drive a steady shift to plant-based eating and, in so doing, enormously benefit our fragile environment.

As for my earlier efforts to "promote health, hope and harmony on planet Earth," here is my latest full-size blog, which I will update from time to time:

Would love to hear your thoughts on this BSB and the rationale that has led me to shift my focus. As for me, I am feeling better already.

Be well, 

J. Morris (Jim) Hicks
Promoting health, hope and harmony on planet Earth

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