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Selenium Speciation Analysis
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Pharmacokinetic Clinical Studies:
Improving People's Lives

Science The biological significance of metals from both pharmaceutical drug discovery and production aspects has increased significantly over the past two decades. Integration of trace metals in complex pharmaceuticals, both small and large molecule, can play a key role in their viability as well as their stability. Furthermore, active sites on organic molecules will dictate their adsorptive properties ("stickiness" to the outside of the molecule) for trace metals, which can also impact clinical efficacy. Brooks Applied Labs has a long history of supporting both the prevention and cure for cancers and other human ailments through research, consulting, and analytical services.

BAL Staffer Travels in Cuba to Learn about the Lives of Cuban Women

Cuban Trogon Tokororo
Cuban Trogon Tokororo
A chemist from Brooks Applied Labs recently traveled with a group to Cuba for two weeks, and she shared her experiences during this fascinating adventure with us. It was an exciting opportunity to connect with Cubans to learn what life is like there for many people, with a focus on the lives and roles of women in Cuba. Brooks Applied Labs values our diverse staff with rich backgrounds and experiences. We believe that having employees who can bring varied perspectives together allows for an incredible, inclusive culture that fosters limitless learning opportunities.

Want to Work at a Thriving Company That Values Your Values?

Join Our Team Part of BAL's vision is to support better environmental, human health, and scientific decision-making in a workplace that honors your core values. We don't just post this on the wall of the lobby, we live it every day and love what we do, who we work with, and where we call home. Whether you desire a career as a renowned analytical chemist, a rock-star project manager, a quality assurance guru, or a business development professional, BAL has great opportunities for both entry-level and experienced candidates. See our Careers page to find out more about how you can be a part of our amazing team.

Meaningful Metals Data and Advanced Speciation Solutions
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