The Situation with Unrest Has Improved

April 1, 2019

Basic necessities like rice have become very expensive.
Last month we wrote about the situation with political unrest, roadblocks, and violence throughout the country, and we asked you to pray for peace. As of this writing, the situation has greatly improved. There was a call for a resumption of violence toward the end of March, but thankfully it did not materialize. The issues are rooted in boiling resentment toward the country's leadership, which has been building for years. Even though the underlying issues remain unresolved, your prayers are making a difference!

Throughout the period of unrest, our clinic staff and leadership in Cap-Haitien continued to serve faithfully. The clinic had to close for only a few days during months of trouble. Now, one of the biggest problems is that the cost of the essential things of life are very expensive. The currency has been greatly devalued. Since almost everything is imported, the result is that prices keep rising. For example, the cost of rice has doubled in recent months. For those living moment to moment on the brink of disaster, this makes life extremely difficult. Fuel has become very expensive which impacts public transportation. Of course, the cost to operate the clinic has skyrocketed, along with the cost of all of our other ministry outreach endeavors. While all of this is troubling, the ministry perseveres.

Please continue to pray for our staff and friends in Haiti as they continue to serve in the cause of the Gospel. We are grateful for your support and prayers!

The Haiti Cheri Team

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