Improve Transplant Coordination  
Quality Improvement Activity (QIA)
For questions or technical assistance, please contact:
Sarah Keehner,
Quality Improvement Director
(203) 285-1214

Heather Camilleri, CCHT
Quality Improvement Coordinator
(203) 285-1224
QIA Facilities:
List of facilities included in the Improving Transplant Coordination QIA
NCC LAN Calls:

The National Coordinating Center (NCC) is hosting bi-monthly learning and action network (LAN) events. 


The next tentative date for the Transplant LAN is Tuesday, April 17, 2018. 


An email invitation for registration of the LAN event will follow.  The Network encourages all to participate in this events.

COMPLETE: Download
and complete the PDSA worksheet.
Please submit to Heather Camilleri if you have not already done so.
During the month of April the facility will be responsible for initiating the "D"  portion of the
do into practice.

The list of Transplant Centers in the New England area.

Dear Provider,

Thank you to all the facilities that have completed and returned your facility PDSA form.  Last month, the Network asked facilities to review their root cause analysis (RCA) for identified barriers and develop an action plan to overcome recognized barriers.
One common identified barrier was a gap in communication between the patients, transplant centers, and dialysis facilities.  Each dialysis facility should appoint a transplant liaison.  This person would be the contact between the dialysis facility and the transplant center coordinator.  They would also assist with the tracking and monitoring of the patients through the seven step transplant process. The Network encourages the dialysis facility transplant liaison to reach out to the transplant centers coordinator on a regular basis to discuss patient's progression through the steps. Having one person assigned to be the dialysis facility point of contact will support consistency  with communication between all participants. 

This month the Network is asking facilities to develop a PDSA cycle to help overcome facility specific barriers.  Please put your plan "P" into action and initiate and implement the do "D" section of the PDSA cycle.
April-National Donate Life Month
April is National Donate Life Month.  Please visit the UNOS website for patient resources on:
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)-English: PDF 
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)-Spanish: PDF
  • Finding a Living Donor: PDF 
  • Information on Living Donation-English: PDF
  • Information on Living Donation-Spanish: PDF
  • Paired Donation-English: PDF
  • Paired Donation-Spanish: PDF
Project Goals
Participating facilities shall demonstrate a 10% point increase in patients who are on a transplant waitlist by October 2018.
Project Activities
* Perform a Root Cause Analysis of barriers
* Implement the "D" of the PDSA submitted to the Network
* Appoint a Transplant Patient Ambassador
* Promote peer-to-peer mentoring

We Want to Hear from YOU!

Please contact the Quality Improvement Department if you have questions, comments, or specific barriers that you would like to address.  Let us know if you have identified any best practices that you would like to share with the community.
Feedback Requested:
Please take a moment to give us your feedback regarding the resource provided below to ensure they meet the needs of your facility.